People around the world did not enjoy last year at all. The year 2020 was difficult for all of us. But as we have said other times, despite the difficulties for some years 2020 was an inspiring and extremely fruitful year.
Many programmers have reported great successes in ideas, which have since been put into practice.

The transition to the online education system has led many programmers to build a variety of applications. Everything related to the online school system.
Hosting these applications on different servers also brought new innovations in applications. Some of them allowed live video conferencing with a very high quality.

Coping with high resolution video and sound was a huge achievement. Many pupils and students were very satisfied with the quality of the applications. Some of them felt the presence of their teachers as if they were in a common environment, as for example at school.

Online studies make the cloud the key to education worldwide.
School databases and lectures, video conferencing and other online data were made available only thanks to the clouds.
Starting from the personal data of college students such as phone numbers, ID cards, transcripts, grades, absences etc. were kept online and stored and used separately thanks to the cloud.

On the other hand, the same was true for their teachers in schools who, thanks to technology, explained their lessons from home and started assignments and messages for their students online.

The past year is thought to lead human society to a new path, that of online learning, not only in pandemics, but also in times of peace and well-being.
Cloud and online learning are very much related to each other, but that things across schools will change and that cloud technology will help education advance this is not even discussed.

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