If you have noticed some websites collect data about their users. They save them in order to make the search and navigation experience easier.
Suppose someone, anywhere, searches various websites to get a car.
This user will normally search on several websites, but may also search for different brands on the same website.
It is now good for website creators to offer different users a better experience.

Some developers use cookies which are offered almost worldwide and some others some even more specified. Or there are cases where there are plugins from different and more than one.

An example. In Europe, in the state of Germany, a website has been created by German developers for the sale of cars. The website is autoscout24.de and offers for sale or rental of various vehicles.

I have tried it myself. I did a search for a vehicle. After that I returned after two days to the same website and I was told that your last search consists of X vehicle (x = with the vehicle I searched).

But how do these websites make them big enough to store a lot of data. Not only that but to be personalized as well.
Surely they must have implemented different clouds and have giant deposits.
Another aspect is that you can also register on this website. So there are still very large loads.
All this data is made possible thanks to hosts and cloud technology.
Not only that, but users are also interested in having as much data stored as possible and as many suggestions.

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