When it comes to recent cloud computing, one aspect of the idea is space. So the ratio of memory space to the space it occupies in a unit.

If before the focus was only on space, lately it is no longer so. Of course, memory and data system always remain the main focus, but since this technology is penetrating in many areas of life, it is seen as the way to benefit as much as possible in size. So the idea is this: as much space in memory as possible, but as small as a unit.

The idea is similar from switching chips to micro chips.

For ordinary readers to understand more clearly:
If for 100 Terra bytes of electronic memory previously needed a unit the size of a refrigerator over time it was reduced to a part of it.
But even that is not enough.

Seeing that cloud computing technology has been introduced in many areas of life, the developers of this technology are doing research to store an amount of memory of 1000 Terrabits in a unit as big as a micro card. The micro card is commonly used as an external hard drive and adds memory to phones or cameras.

And to be still on topic this goal has been until a few years ago. After 2020, research has been done to make even smaller units (in this case on a very small scale, micro) to store even larger memory.

Of course, to achieve this, a series of experiments must be done.
To begin with you need to know that the raw material materials are no longer the same.
And then you have to test how resistant the composite material is and how efficient the finished unit is.

The search continues …

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