Has it ever occurred to you that for reasons of memory or practicality you have missed any important video from security cameras?

Do you feel irritated or disappointed that your deposit or hard drive can not afford more videos recorded than a month?

So do you think your film footage deposit is small?
Then we suggest just one thing: create an online cloud account. Create your own server.

If it happens that in your business or even at home in cases when you have security cameras, any material escapes you or you can not find it …
This is probably because you do not have enough memory and your server automatically deletes them.

So at certain moments for certain events just one month of registration is not enough, not even two or more.
No one is perfect and sometimes some important detail can even save us. The problem is that we can not recover the missing videos. (This can only happen in very rare cases with the help of state-authorized computer specialists).

Once again we advise you to make an efficient, easy and inexpensive solution.
Create an online server and store security camera videos there. Sooner or later we assure you that you will be hired.
Many businesses have already made their choice.

The idea is not to necessarily spend or waste money, but to be more competitive and more confident in your businesses and homes.
Sometimes an hour or another piece of jewelry costs so much or is a reminder to you and no monetary value reimburses it. Or in terms of business someone who tricks you or systematically steals you costs you 1 million times more than a monthly cloud payment.

In short, it’s up to you dear readers how to react. Have a nice day!

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