Cloud for surveillance cameras

Has it ever occurred to you that for reasons of memory or practicality you have missed any important video from security cameras?

Do you feel irritated or disappointed that your deposit or hard drive can not afford more videos recorded than a month?

So do you think your film footage deposit is small?
Then we suggest just one thing: create an online cloud account. Create your own server.

If it happens that in your business or even at home in cases when you have security cameras, any material escapes you or you can not find it …
This is probably because you do not have enough memory and your server automatically deletes them.

So at certain moments for certain events just one month of registration is not enough, not even two or more.
No one is perfect and sometimes some important detail can even save us. The problem is that we can not recover the missing videos. (This can only happen in very rare cases with the help of state-authorized computer specialists).

Once again we advise you to make an efficient, easy and inexpensive solution.
Create an online server and store security camera videos there. Sooner or later we assure you that you will be hired.
Many businesses have already made their choice.

The idea is not to necessarily spend or waste money, but to be more competitive and more confident in your businesses and homes.
Sometimes an hour or another piece of jewelry costs so much or is a reminder to you and no monetary value reimburses it. Or in terms of business someone who tricks you or systematically steals you costs you 1 million times more than a monthly cloud payment.

In short, it’s up to you dear readers how to react. Have a nice day!

Cloud for mobile phones

Our marketing experts were conducting research on mobile technology. They were reviewing the latest smart phones. So the products of 2021. By participating part by part and making relevant assessments. If in some phones you find good cameras, in some others you find better batteries than the first. By this we mean that smartphone companies are in a very strong competition between them. What stood out was the memory.
What most smartphone users are interested in is RAM as much as Giga Bite is, Camera as Mega Pixel is, how much inch is the screen, How much Mile Ampere is the battery, and Giga Bite is Hard Disk. And last but not least, the price tag of the device.

Ok. What we will focus on is hard disk memory. Sa Giga bite jane ato etj.
Our experts noticed that: if in some smartphones there was a lot of variability from one part to another, what did not change was the hard disk memory. Almost all new device depending on the price had more or less the same memory.
This ranged from 128 Giga bits to 512 Giga bits. And 512 giga bits were very rare.

It seems that at this point there is agreement between the companies. This does not interest us much. What we are interested in is how users can be satisfied and have optimal conditions.

Since all other settings are upgraded and advanced, the only thing that needs to be upgraded is the hard drive. However, we are not saying that we will contact the smartphone manufacturers, but we would suggest to the users to create a Cloud account. Just to have a bigger memory. Cloud provider companies offer a variety of services and have the most diverse offers.
If you search in Google you will find the cloud company that suits you.
Usually the most selected are Google Cloud, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Why do people choose Google Cloud?

In many areas of life technology is penetrating like never before. Suffice it to say that medicine and universities are among the first areas of life that have been adopted and intertwined with technology. Especially with cloud technology.

But why are people using it so much?

If the people who use this technology are increasing in number, then there seems to be a reason: Benefits.
Yes, you read it very well. Benefits. And that does not seem to be the only reason. But also the need to communicate and store data or archives.

But which companies do people choose the most?

To be realistic, there are many, but the most preferred and liked by professionals is Google Cloud.
Google has been providing security and convenience in terms of technology for many years.
They are not the first, but they seem to be the best.
If we recall that when the Google Chrome search engine spread years ago, what stood out was that all computers had the Google Chrome search engine installed.
The reason: because it was simply the best. There you find and find everything.

In addition to Google Drive, another Google service has helped and is helping millions if not billions of people around the world to transfer or archive materials with different information and formats.

Another aspect of why people or users of cloud services prefer Google is security. Being Google is a very big and serious company, people who use Google services feel safe.

There are no known cases in which Google has failed in customer security.

Another aspect is cost. Except in premium or paid Google cloud services they are not expensive, in some cases they offer completely free services.

So Google Cloud is a plus component in the world’s largest technology and innovation company. People with Google feel safe and satisfied with the services.
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Cloud for operators

Finally salvation came. Those older than 30 years old I believe remember the previous cameras used by operators or even their parents if they had one.
Large and with cassette tapes which could film around 70-90 minutes of visual material. The latter were then passed through a recording process and from the small cassette a large cassette called VHS was thrown. This format could then be seen on videotapes. Devices that were connected to the TV.

Years later a DVD came out and when the memory cards for the cameras were invented it became possible for the recorded materials to be viewed on a computer as well. Eh nostalgia …

Shortly before the 10s of the current century more or less 2007-2008 when the first smartphones were invented many things changed.
The latter replaced calculators, telephones, cameras, mp3, mp4, radios, etc.
However, work is still an irreplaceable profession and there is still a need to use cameras. So as you understand it is about operators. The latter are in a profession that has undergone so many changes that no other profession has ever encountered before.
If an operator today is 50-60 years old, he initially worked with cassette cameras and the device was very large.

In the 90s the cameras started to change shrinking somewhat. Also the batteries became a little stronger and more resistant.

In the 2000s cameras became more digital you could not use only that part of the camera you put your eye to record, but outside it had a small screen which showed in real time the recorded image. Thankfully it was achieved that if he made a mistake he could correct the filming without making any cuts of the material or throwing away the tape to erase it all from scratch.

The 10 ‘years very big things happen. Years in which almost none of the common people would spend more money to buy cameras or cameras. The world is doing a lot digital.
Anyone filming or photographing with that of a smartphone with a very high quality.

The 20s, we are in their beginning, the qualities and qualities of photos and videos are incomparable with previous years. Unimaginable resolution and space occupied by very large materials. In these years flourishes a technology that will change the world, it is called cloud. This technology is as simple as it is useful. Hundreds of aspects of our lives are connected and are being connected day by day with this new form of technology.

Cinematography, television, universities, online schools, websites, markets, and tens of hundreds of other professions use cloud technology.
Digital space has only one cloud solution

Cloud for students

In January 2021 in France and Italy some technological changes were made which take into account the storage and distribution of data for students. Various universities and colleges are trying to bring young people closer to knowledge. Cloud as a technology, now and everywhere, helps to realize the wishes and demands of professors and educators in the education of states.
Italian and French associations and organizations have given their ideas on how to make an approach between students and knowledge.

They in some studies have noticed that, the number of young people who read different information more than 2 hours a day with that of the smart phone has increased by 6% only in the last year.
This figure is very significant and they have suggested that many universities publish their curricula or at least a part of them online on the relevant or special website.
Not only that, but the construction of educational websites aimed at informing and intellectual formation of young people has been requested.

Another idea is to build several websites instead of a single website. The goal is for them to have different content and different interfaces. This is to avoid the fatigue or boredom of young people with a single website.
It is known that the division into several categories is simple and that can affect somehow, but still most people think that different websites with different colors and content look more fun.

If the figure of 6% of young people reading information via smartphone seems high, what would you think if we tell you that the number of adults has increased by 8%.
It seems that after many criticisms that technology has its dark sides in early 2021 comes the good news. So not only young people but also men and women read more.
If once they only read the newspaper or watched TV, today individuals over 50 read more different information.