In January 2021 in France and Italy some technological changes were made which take into account the storage and distribution of data for students. Various universities and colleges are trying to bring young people closer to knowledge. Cloud as a technology, now and everywhere, helps to realize the wishes and demands of professors and educators in the education of states.
Italian and French associations and organizations have given their ideas on how to make an approach between students and knowledge.

They in some studies have noticed that, the number of young people who read different information more than 2 hours a day with that of the smart phone has increased by 6% only in the last year.
This figure is very significant and they have suggested that many universities publish their curricula or at least a part of them online on the relevant or special website.
Not only that, but the construction of educational websites aimed at informing and intellectual formation of young people has been requested.

Another idea is to build several websites instead of a single website. The goal is for them to have different content and different interfaces. This is to avoid the fatigue or boredom of young people with a single website.
It is known that the division into several categories is simple and that can affect somehow, but still most people think that different websites with different colors and content look more fun.

If the figure of 6% of young people reading information via smartphone seems high, what would you think if we tell you that the number of adults has increased by 8%.
It seems that after many criticisms that technology has its dark sides in early 2021 comes the good news. So not only young people but also men and women read more.
If once they only read the newspaper or watched TV, today individuals over 50 read more different information.

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