In connection with the previous article we would like to forward more data that we find interesting. Cloud technology and cloud provider companies or host providers before may have thought that this type of technology could have great use, but not so extraordinary.

Public Cloud is easily solving many difficulties in the field of virtual communication between Professors and students.
Once again, the website that is expected to be built in 2021 and on wards for the benefit of young people is thought to have very good results.
All the experts have come together to try to build bridges between knowledge and information absorption and youth.

Students are at a delicate age which has many risks. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are dangers for every generation. Age 17-21 is not easy at all. Many young people at this age lose the compass and many others suffer from addiction to these bad phenomena.

Comparing what we said above with the dependence on smartphones, of course everyone prefers the latter.
It seems that the interaction and cooperation between students and professors is closer. Another fact that stood out on the confusing platform was:

“If we want to bring students closer to their studies and professors, does not it seem a bit the opposite, as we are suggesting that students use the phones and see less with their teachers ?!
And the answer was:
Since their phones and numbers or Whats app accounts, Telegram, Messenger, etc. are very personal, the connection between professors and students becomes closer. Because both parties can communicate much more easily and simply with each other without the presence of others. This fact shows that the pedagogue-student relationship becomes stronger.

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