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The case in question:
James White from Colorado USA sent us an email.

He is a history teacher at a college and has recently done research in anthropology and genealogy.
One of the websites that has caught their eye is geni.com
This website is created for users who want to upload the family tree there. So in other words the genealogy of their family. Progenitors, grandparents, parents, themselves and children.
Of course, other relatives as well, but since for a large number of generations the data is also added, we are not extending.

James says: millions of users store data such as age, occupation, addresses where they lived, life activities, etc. But on this website all grandparents and great-grandparents can post and make connections between them.

The website in question is very good and useful, but it is very important, he advises, to store the written data in a block as it is never known.

In case you lose the registration data on the website it is a big problem. Either in case the website suffers problems or closes your data is lost.
To be prepared for such cases, James advises readers to either create a similar personal website themselves or, if they are unable to do so, purchase a cloud hosting provider account. There they then store data, photos, videos, texts and any other kind of materials.
The best way to be safe quotes James is don’t put all eggs in one basket.

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