Future cars will use cloud technology

When it comes to cars of the future do not think it is about the next century, the coming decades, no! We are more concrete. In our field we do research for the near future. 1,2 or three years. Maximum 5, but very rare.
One of the biggest changes that is expected to happen in terms of vehicles is the transition from gasoline-burning engines to electric motors.

Recently, the big car brand Mercedes-Benz, has advertised that in 2022 it will launch the Mercedes Benz EQS type. The latter, in addition to being 100% electric motor, will have an even greater innovation. As never before this type of vehicle will create a huge screen. So in the dashboard of the car there will be a screen for the driver screen in the middle of the front of the vehicle, and a screen on the left from the passenger arm. It does not end there.
This vehicle optionally offers 2 additional screens for passengers in the rear seats.
This was just the entrance …

In addition to the car being electric it is also expected to be very electronic. Each screen is understood to have different uses and benefits. Mercedes will also be equipped with 360 ° cameras. Parking sensor parking camera hologram screen on the windshield for the driver when traveling at night, etc. With the help of cloud technology, Mercedes will bring an achievement that has never been seen before.

There will be a closed cloud, but of course with the desire of customers can be created accounts for online cloud so that in case of tourist trips users can automatically save their videos.
Many commands in this car will be given with voice audio.
The first prototypes have done and are doing testing.
You can find them on Youtube.
What I wanted to say and suggest is that: technology in general but also cloud technology (private and online) are helping human life and are making it more and more comfortable.

Cloud for Genealogy

A suggestion has come to us in the e-mail from one of our readers.
One of the most important researches and researches that our web offers is the category of cloud news, cloud computing, cloud technology.
We kindly accept your every remark and every suggestion. As they gladly accept any collaboration with our readers.
The case in question:
James White from Colorado USA sent us an email.

He is a history teacher at a college and has recently done research in anthropology and genealogy.
One of the websites that has caught their eye is geni.com
This website is created for users who want to upload the family tree there. So in other words the genealogy of their family. Progenitors, grandparents, parents, themselves and children.
Of course, other relatives as well, but since for a large number of generations the data is also added, we are not extending.

James says: millions of users store data such as age, occupation, addresses where they lived, life activities, etc. But on this website all grandparents and great-grandparents can post and make connections between them.

The website in question is very good and useful, but it is very important, he advises, to store the written data in a block as it is never known.

In case you lose the registration data on the website it is a big problem. Either in case the website suffers problems or closes your data is lost.
To be prepared for such cases, James advises readers to either create a similar personal website themselves or, if they are unable to do so, purchase a cloud hosting provider account. There they then store data, photos, videos, texts and any other kind of materials.
The best way to be safe quotes James is don’t put all eggs in one basket.

Another service of cloud computing

If you have noticed some websites collect data about their users. They save them in order to make the search and navigation experience easier.
Suppose someone, anywhere, searches various websites to get a car.
This user will normally search on several websites, but may also search for different brands on the same website.
It is now good for website creators to offer different users a better experience.

Some developers use cookies which are offered almost worldwide and some others some even more specified. Or there are cases where there are plugins from different and more than one.

An example. In Europe, in the state of Germany, a website has been created by German developers for the sale of cars. The website is autoscout24.de and offers for sale or rental of various vehicles.

I have tried it myself. I did a search for a vehicle. After that I returned after two days to the same website and I was told that your last search consists of X vehicle (x = with the vehicle I searched).

But how do these websites make them big enough to store a lot of data. Not only that but to be personalized as well.
Surely they must have implemented different clouds and have giant deposits.
Another aspect is that you can also register on this website. So there are still very large loads.
All this data is made possible thanks to hosts and cloud technology.
Not only that, but users are also interested in having as much data stored as possible and as many suggestions.

Cloud computing research 2021

When it comes to recent cloud computing, one aspect of the idea is space. So the ratio of memory space to the space it occupies in a unit.

If before the focus was only on space, lately it is no longer so. Of course, memory and data system always remain the main focus, but since this technology is penetrating in many areas of life, it is seen as the way to benefit as much as possible in size. So the idea is this: as much space in memory as possible, but as small as a unit.

The idea is similar from switching chips to micro chips.

For ordinary readers to understand more clearly:
If for 100 Terra bytes of electronic memory previously needed a unit the size of a refrigerator over time it was reduced to a part of it.
But even that is not enough.

Seeing that cloud computing technology has been introduced in many areas of life, the developers of this technology are doing research to store an amount of memory of 1000 Terrabits in a unit as big as a micro card. The micro card is commonly used as an external hard drive and adds memory to phones or cameras.

And to be still on topic this goal has been until a few years ago. After 2020, research has been done to make even smaller units (in this case on a very small scale, micro) to store even larger memory.

Of course, to achieve this, a series of experiments must be done.
To begin with you need to know that the raw material materials are no longer the same.
And then you have to test how resistant the composite material is and how efficient the finished unit is.

The search continues …

Cloud for surveillance cameras

Has it ever occurred to you that for reasons of memory or practicality you have missed any important video from security cameras?

Do you feel irritated or disappointed that your deposit or hard drive can not afford more videos recorded than a month?

So do you think your film footage deposit is small?
Then we suggest just one thing: create an online cloud account. Create your own server.

If it happens that in your business or even at home in cases when you have security cameras, any material escapes you or you can not find it …
This is probably because you do not have enough memory and your server automatically deletes them.

So at certain moments for certain events just one month of registration is not enough, not even two or more.
No one is perfect and sometimes some important detail can even save us. The problem is that we can not recover the missing videos. (This can only happen in very rare cases with the help of state-authorized computer specialists).

Once again we advise you to make an efficient, easy and inexpensive solution.
Create an online server and store security camera videos there. Sooner or later we assure you that you will be hired.
Many businesses have already made their choice.

The idea is not to necessarily spend or waste money, but to be more competitive and more confident in your businesses and homes.
Sometimes an hour or another piece of jewelry costs so much or is a reminder to you and no monetary value reimburses it. Or in terms of business someone who tricks you or systematically steals you costs you 1 million times more than a monthly cloud payment.

In short, it’s up to you dear readers how to react. Have a nice day!

Cloud for website and Applications

Here we go again.
We will see together how the connection between cloud technology and different websites or applications works.

At the beginning let us all be clear that applications in a way are websites built to be used mainly in devices like smartphones.
Those that at the time of construction are adapted to be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux systems in terms of laptops and desktops or App store and Google Play in terms of smartphones.

Websites are mostly used to transmit and post news and various articles of all categories. While applications are used more widely. The app can be a news app, it can be a game, it can be social media or whatever.

What the web has in common with applications (this is because we mentioned the changes above):

Both applications and websites are built in such a way that they require a host and a domain, but let’s stay with the host.

To understand what a host is we must keep in mind that all the information contained in the applications and the website is stored on the host. Categories, pages and all other options are formed there.
The host contains scripts, music, photos, data, databases, etc.

Connection to hosts, websites and applications.

Since all of the above is understandable to you now, you need to understand another fact.
Not all hosts finish 100% of their work when it comes to storing cyber materials. For example photos & videos take up a lot of memory and sometimes it is difficult to manage them all from the website or app host.
To be more practical the cloud was invented. This technology is pushing forward the development of websites and applications as the cloud offers dizzying data deposits. By purchasing and creating a cloud account you can store or save millions of songs, photos or videos in one place. You can then use them or as desired. Monthly payments for the cloud are very convenient. So with less money you can maintain your website, your applications perfectly.

Cloud technology offers an online server as a solution.

Hello friends! I wish you a pleasant day. Today we will share with you a brilliant idea. It has to do with online servers.
We know that in every office there is at least one computer on which we store important data.

Without further and do, I am sharing with you a personal experience.
Not long after I quit my job I went to a fair. There I met a former work colleague. After talking about family things and our daily lives, I just politely ask each other how things were going.

Exactly that day I had an accident at work. Unintentionally, out of exhaustion I had deleted from the computer 3 folders with very important data.
I told my colleague the problem I had and I was really very bad emotionally.

My colleague and at the same time my friend, looking me in the eye said: for this there is a super simple and good solution.

  • What is the solution? I asked her
    Told me: just go to google search for cloud server and register. They allow you to back up every day. 23h from 24 is available. In case you make a mistake like today just change the date.
    This way you regain all the materials you lost.

I was left speechless. And of course I carried out my friend’s order.

I own 4 online office servers today. Ever since I started using cloud technology everything has become easier for me.

Well if you have a problem like mine or similar … then what do you expect?

Market stocks are now using cloud technology

During 2021, as a result of the Covid 19 virus, a transport difficulty was noticed. The maritime transport sector has become even more difficult due to the non-functioning of road transport. Across South Asia countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka are suffering greatly from the effects of the Corona Virus.
Thousands of people are losing their lives every day and states have been forced to tighten sanctions and block the free movement of people in order to avoid catastrophes.

However, although the measures are extreme, some sectors such as transport are vital for the continuation of life and especially for the supply of food markets.

Despite everything, life goes on.
As society has developed a lot and globalization has reached all of us India and the countries around it remain very important to the world economy. As transportation has become more expensive and difficult this has not stopped European markets with their demand for goods from India and China.

As the aforementioned countries have encountered many difficulties, companies specializing in transportation and marketing have gained ground immediately.

Ali Baba, Amazon, E-bay, etc., through their contractual links have greatly increased online sales.
Using cloud technology, they have increased the data and the number of goods.

Synchronously introduced indirect connections to websites and applications around the world. Especially Ali Baba has invested heavily in applications and websites. They give high commissions to advertisers by paying well with% for each sale.

In the last month, Facebook has taken the sites seriously and updated them, enabling them to advertise their products and sell any kind of legal products.

Thanks to cloud technology, uploading information and covering virtual spaces for online content is not a problem.

With cloud technology as always, both sellers and buyers are benefiting.

Cloud technology is updating

When I decided to write this article I was absolutely convinced that I would pass on to you very valuable information. In fact, it is not that I have changed my mind, but I have changed the content in order to be as laconic as possible.

As you probably know, with the improvement of the provisions which are included in the cameras, it is necessary to adjust and improve the providers’ deposits. Having said this at the same time we have indirectly told you that the companies themselves have worked and continue to work hard to increase the capacity of deposit files.

Many companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Tiktok, etc. work and invest a lot to be as prepared as possible about cloud technology.
These companies are both the largest producers and consumers of this technology.
To understand what it is about, imagine these companies that need to store data such as username / password, photos and videos, etc. for all their users. Or let’s call it user or client. Call them whatever you want. And think they are not a few users but Billions.

The years 2020 and 2021, despite being problematic years for health, have not been problematic for technology at all. We can even say the opposite. Technological developments continue…

Cloud for mobile phones

Our marketing experts were conducting research on mobile technology. They were reviewing the latest smart phones. So the products of 2021. By participating part by part and making relevant assessments. If in some phones you find good cameras, in some others you find better batteries than the first. By this we mean that smartphone companies are in a very strong competition between them. What stood out was the memory.
What most smartphone users are interested in is RAM as much as Giga Bite is, Camera as Mega Pixel is, how much inch is the screen, How much Mile Ampere is the battery, and Giga Bite is Hard Disk. And last but not least, the price tag of the device.

Ok. What we will focus on is hard disk memory. Sa Giga bite jane ato etj.
Our experts noticed that: if in some smartphones there was a lot of variability from one part to another, what did not change was the hard disk memory. Almost all new device depending on the price had more or less the same memory.
This ranged from 128 Giga bits to 512 Giga bits. And 512 giga bits were very rare.

It seems that at this point there is agreement between the companies. This does not interest us much. What we are interested in is how users can be satisfied and have optimal conditions.

Since all other settings are upgraded and advanced, the only thing that needs to be upgraded is the hard drive. However, we are not saying that we will contact the smartphone manufacturers, but we would suggest to the users to create a Cloud account. Just to have a bigger memory. Cloud provider companies offer a variety of services and have the most diverse offers.
If you search in Google you will find the cloud company that suits you.
Usually the most selected are Google Cloud, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, etc.