Market stocks are now using cloud technology

During 2021, as a result of the Covid 19 virus, a transport difficulty was noticed. The maritime transport sector has become even more difficult due to the non-functioning of road transport. Across South Asia countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka are suffering greatly from the effects of the Corona Virus.
Thousands of people are losing their lives every day and states have been forced to tighten sanctions and block the free movement of people in order to avoid catastrophes.

However, although the measures are extreme, some sectors such as transport are vital for the continuation of life and especially for the supply of food markets.

Despite everything, life goes on.
As society has developed a lot and globalization has reached all of us India and the countries around it remain very important to the world economy. As transportation has become more expensive and difficult this has not stopped European markets with their demand for goods from India and China.

As the aforementioned countries have encountered many difficulties, companies specializing in transportation and marketing have gained ground immediately.

Ali Baba, Amazon, E-bay, etc., through their contractual links have greatly increased online sales.
Using cloud technology, they have increased the data and the number of goods.

Synchronously introduced indirect connections to websites and applications around the world. Especially Ali Baba has invested heavily in applications and websites. They give high commissions to advertisers by paying well with% for each sale.

In the last month, Facebook has taken the sites seriously and updated them, enabling them to advertise their products and sell any kind of legal products.

Thanks to cloud technology, uploading information and covering virtual spaces for online content is not a problem.

With cloud technology as always, both sellers and buyers are benefiting.

Cloud technology is updating

When I decided to write this article I was absolutely convinced that I would pass on to you very valuable information. In fact, it is not that I have changed my mind, but I have changed the content in order to be as laconic as possible.

As you probably know, with the improvement of the provisions which are included in the cameras, it is necessary to adjust and improve the providers’ deposits. Having said this at the same time we have indirectly told you that the companies themselves have worked and continue to work hard to increase the capacity of deposit files.

Many companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Tiktok, etc. work and invest a lot to be as prepared as possible about cloud technology.
These companies are both the largest producers and consumers of this technology.
To understand what it is about, imagine these companies that need to store data such as username / password, photos and videos, etc. for all their users. Or let’s call it user or client. Call them whatever you want. And think they are not a few users but Billions.

The years 2020 and 2021, despite being problematic years for health, have not been problematic for technology at all. We can even say the opposite. Technological developments continue…

Cloud for mobile phones

Our marketing experts were conducting research on mobile technology. They were reviewing the latest smart phones. So the products of 2021. By participating part by part and making relevant assessments. If in some phones you find good cameras, in some others you find better batteries than the first. By this we mean that smartphone companies are in a very strong competition between them. What stood out was the memory.
What most smartphone users are interested in is RAM as much as Giga Bite is, Camera as Mega Pixel is, how much inch is the screen, How much Mile Ampere is the battery, and Giga Bite is Hard Disk. And last but not least, the price tag of the device.

Ok. What we will focus on is hard disk memory. Sa Giga bite jane ato etj.
Our experts noticed that: if in some smartphones there was a lot of variability from one part to another, what did not change was the hard disk memory. Almost all new device depending on the price had more or less the same memory.
This ranged from 128 Giga bits to 512 Giga bits. And 512 giga bits were very rare.

It seems that at this point there is agreement between the companies. This does not interest us much. What we are interested in is how users can be satisfied and have optimal conditions.

Since all other settings are upgraded and advanced, the only thing that needs to be upgraded is the hard drive. However, we are not saying that we will contact the smartphone manufacturers, but we would suggest to the users to create a Cloud account. Just to have a bigger memory. Cloud provider companies offer a variety of services and have the most diverse offers.
If you search in Google you will find the cloud company that suits you.
Usually the most selected are Google Cloud, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Why Google Cloud is the best?

Welcome back to our Blog. Today we will do a review regarding Google Cloud.
As you already know Google Cloud is one of the largest companies in the world that offers this service.
Thanks to this platform and technology many individuals and businesses are relieved of the burden of depositing and rescuing materials.
If many of us who are simple users and consumers of technological tools are not a problem space and memory, for some it is a lot.

In this regard we have done some research and drawn some conclusions.

What makes Google the most successful company in the cloud?
As you may have noticed, other companies invest millions to advertise that they offer cloud technology and that they offer some advantages. While Google remains simply the leader. But how does this happen when the competition is so fierce?
I am telling you in a very simple way: I am conveying to you the opinions of some users of cloud technology who are clients of Google cloud.

Today I was going to buy a new phone and I met 4 friends by chance. I talked about technology and I talked about cloud technology. 3 out of 4 of them had cloud and all 3 on Google.

Google allows users to have free space as well. But for those who work specified jobs and need extra services, of course they pay and still remain very satisfied. This is because they feel safe and fulfilled.

So their requirements like space in some Terra bits for very few dollars per month are best met.

They said their cloud-stored materials were never cloned and no hacker ever made their materials public. This is emphasized because some cloud companies have compromised their users.

It may seem small, but in fact it is not.
Security is a primary condition that Google cloud does not even discuss.
So all over the world users massively prefer the cloud services offered by Google.

Why do people choose Google Cloud?

In many areas of life technology is penetrating like never before. Suffice it to say that medicine and universities are among the first areas of life that have been adopted and intertwined with technology. Especially with cloud technology.

But why are people using it so much?

If the people who use this technology are increasing in number, then there seems to be a reason: Benefits.
Yes, you read it very well. Benefits. And that does not seem to be the only reason. But also the need to communicate and store data or archives.

But which companies do people choose the most?

To be realistic, there are many, but the most preferred and liked by professionals is Google Cloud.
Google has been providing security and convenience in terms of technology for many years.
They are not the first, but they seem to be the best.
If we recall that when the Google Chrome search engine spread years ago, what stood out was that all computers had the Google Chrome search engine installed.
The reason: because it was simply the best. There you find and find everything.

In addition to Google Drive, another Google service has helped and is helping millions if not billions of people around the world to transfer or archive materials with different information and formats.

Another aspect of why people or users of cloud services prefer Google is security. Being Google is a very big and serious company, people who use Google services feel safe.

There are no known cases in which Google has failed in customer security.

Another aspect is cost. Except in premium or paid Google cloud services they are not expensive, in some cases they offer completely free services.

So Google Cloud is a plus component in the world’s largest technology and innovation company. People with Google feel safe and satisfied with the services.
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Google Cloud Storage | All you need to know

Google Cloud Storage | All you need to know

For anyone who wants to use a reliable and best cloud storage then Google Cloud storage is the best option for you. Everyone needs secure, fast, and high uptime cloud hosting for their business. Google is one of the largest and richest multinational company as you know, so you don’t need to worry about its services. It provides maximum features for your work. Unlimited storage with no minimum object size, worldwide accessibility, and word wide storage locations, Low latency, High durability, and Geo-redundancy of multi-region data storage. These services are one of the excellent cloud storage services. 

What are the extra will we get with google cloud storage.

Integrated repository for analytics and ML

Google Analytics is one of the professional platforms for analytics, core observation, and deep research. It will integrate your cloud to the analytics by itself so you can check your performance and availability within regions. It gives you real-time information without any error. It is ideal for workloads of compute and machine learning also.

Media content computing

You don’t want cloud storage that loads a long time to provide high-quality media content to the users. So, one of the best choices for you is google cloud storage because the geo-redundant storage facility will provide low-latency, high-QPS content across all geographic regions. You can stream high-quality audio, video, and other media presentations without any delay and error.

Backups and Archives

Most of the users search for cloud hosting which provides continuous backups of their business because if their business has to face any damage then they can recover from backups. Almost all cloud storage providers charge high for regular backups but google is reducing the cost of backups and archives while still retaining immediate access. Backup data in Cloud Storage can be used for more than just recovery since all storage classes have microsecond latency and are accessed through a single API.

Security and privacy

Google says that they are successful to keep high-security options to give ultra-secure storage facility to their users. These days everyone wants privacy and security. Very important and private documents and information stored in cloud storage could destroy big companies within seconds if they leaked to the outside world. So, Google says “Take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google uses to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.” to make you more confident towards the security.

Price and Plans

Don’t need to worry google is providing you an opportunity to use their cloud-free for 90 Days, not only this they will credit you $300 to spend and other 20+ free products to use in the cloud.  But after 90 days you will be charged regularly. You may think they will automatically charge from your account but it’s not true. They will ask you to continue google cloud or not. If you like to google cloud then you can pay and use it otherwise you can migrate to other cloud storage. They will make it easier to calculate the price by providing their own calculator to measure the price. It’s not difficult like the Amazon cloud storage (AWS). They are providing individual and organization plans.