Cloud Storage is a technique of storing data and information online instead of local storage devices. It requires an internet connection to access the data. One can upload all files to the server and can be shared by providing links. Online storage service providers don’t store any information on your local computer. They store all data in online servers through which you can remotely access the data.

We have chosen the top 5 free could storage to help you get free cloud access. These cloud storage are secure and easy to manage also. You will get limited storage for free but if you need more or huge data storage then you need to purchase the upgraded services. This is the list of the top 5 free cloud storage.

1. Ice Drive

Icedrive is an upgraded type of cloud service that provides you to access, manage, and easily update your cloud storage. It provides you an extensive range of cloud storage apps for wide options of the platform. You can use this cloud storage where you need it. It provides you cloud storage solution to support Twofish Encryption. It will allow you to store files up to 10 GB for free to any users, just need to sign up and you will get it. It will provide you an easy and optimized interface to use. It provides links to share with friends and social media.

2. pCloud

pCloud is a secure cloud storage that provides encrypted cloud storage. It is a very popular provider because it provides a very secure way of storing data and information in data centers. It provides you web-app, mobile app, and the desktop app also to access and upload the contents at any time. You can share the content link with your friend and on social media also. It can be used as group work because many users at a time use the storage. Your all friends can use the shareable file at a time. You can also keep your very secret files confidential with the highest level of security encryption with pCloud Crypto. It is useful for both small scale organization or big companies. It will provide you file management, backup, and file versioning these services is very essential for any individual or organization. You can use this secure cloud storage for free but you need to pay for huge storage and special features.


Mega cloud storage is one of the best free cloud storage because it is providing 50 GB of rage at starting. It is very secure cloud storage that provides data encryption also. It will provide you web app, mobile app, and desktop app. It will also provide you a recovery key and Tow Factor Authentication for extra security. You can also use the metadata option which allows you to download all logs and you can also clear your log from this option. Here you can also observe your log-in sessions which show your client’s login data such as IP address, country, and browsers that they used.

 The most interesting thing with this cloud storage is that it is providing a refer and earn option ie. Affiliate Program. You will earn a commission from your referral within 90days of activation. You will get 50 GB of cloud storage for free plus a 30GB storage quota per referral. So I am suggesting this cloud storage is the best for an individual.

4. One Drive

You may know that One Drive is cloud storage from Microsoft company. It is best for business or large population to share single cloud storage. It is providing only 5 GB of free cloud storage for an individual. It will be cheap when you purchase a plan with more person but if you purchase a single individual plan then you will get only 100GB for $1.78 per month. The best option to purchase is the family plan because it is providing 6 TB as 1TB per person with Microsoft other software like OneDrive MicrosoftSkype Office apps included MicrosoftOutlook MicrosoftWord MicrosoftExcel MicrosoftPowerPoint. 

5. Google Drive

It is very general among all because everyone using google products like Gmail, Android, etc and it is already connected to google drive. You will get 15GB for free with every Gmail. It will provide you backup and sync on regular basis in a free plan. You will get a web-app, android app, and desktop app. Easy sharing and collaboration are also available here. You can directly connect all google products to google drive to store your data.

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