Future cars will use cloud technology

When it comes to cars of the future do not think it is about the next century, the coming decades, no! We are more concrete. In our field we do research for the near future. 1,2 or three years. Maximum 5, but very rare.
One of the biggest changes that is expected to happen in terms of vehicles is the transition from gasoline-burning engines to electric motors.

Recently, the big car brand Mercedes-Benz, has advertised that in 2022 it will launch the Mercedes Benz EQS type. The latter, in addition to being 100% electric motor, will have an even greater innovation. As never before this type of vehicle will create a huge screen. So in the dashboard of the car there will be a screen for the driver screen in the middle of the front of the vehicle, and a screen on the left from the passenger arm. It does not end there.
This vehicle optionally offers 2 additional screens for passengers in the rear seats.
This was just the entrance …

In addition to the car being electric it is also expected to be very electronic. Each screen is understood to have different uses and benefits. Mercedes will also be equipped with 360 ° cameras. Parking sensor parking camera hologram screen on the windshield for the driver when traveling at night, etc. With the help of cloud technology, Mercedes will bring an achievement that has never been seen before.

There will be a closed cloud, but of course with the desire of customers can be created accounts for online cloud so that in case of tourist trips users can automatically save their videos.
Many commands in this car will be given with voice audio.
The first prototypes have done and are doing testing.
You can find them on Youtube.
What I wanted to say and suggest is that: technology in general but also cloud technology (private and online) are helping human life and are making it more and more comfortable.

Cloud for surveillance cameras

Has it ever occurred to you that for reasons of memory or practicality you have missed any important video from security cameras?

Do you feel irritated or disappointed that your deposit or hard drive can not afford more videos recorded than a month?

So do you think your film footage deposit is small?
Then we suggest just one thing: create an online cloud account. Create your own server.

If it happens that in your business or even at home in cases when you have security cameras, any material escapes you or you can not find it …
This is probably because you do not have enough memory and your server automatically deletes them.

So at certain moments for certain events just one month of registration is not enough, not even two or more.
No one is perfect and sometimes some important detail can even save us. The problem is that we can not recover the missing videos. (This can only happen in very rare cases with the help of state-authorized computer specialists).

Once again we advise you to make an efficient, easy and inexpensive solution.
Create an online server and store security camera videos there. Sooner or later we assure you that you will be hired.
Many businesses have already made their choice.

The idea is not to necessarily spend or waste money, but to be more competitive and more confident in your businesses and homes.
Sometimes an hour or another piece of jewelry costs so much or is a reminder to you and no monetary value reimburses it. Or in terms of business someone who tricks you or systematically steals you costs you 1 million times more than a monthly cloud payment.

In short, it’s up to you dear readers how to react. Have a nice day!

Connection between cloud and music

When the iTunes platform came out by Steve Jobs, many people were skeptical. Even among them were those who were also Steve’s own collaborators and important people from Apple. Knowing how to perceive and imagine is one thing, but imagining what the entire American public will prefer is extraordinary. But so are the extraordinary range of people like Steve Jobs.

If iTunes was the first and most successful app in terms of advertising and selling music, rest assured that this app is not the only one. After Steve’s death, iTunes continued to thrive, but technology did not lag behind. Since the strong entry of Cloud provider companies in the market, buying and selling online is like a piece of cake. There are thousands of world companies that sell music of different genres: Rock, Pop, Dance, House, Hip Hop, R&B, jazz, etc.

I do not know for sure if iTunes continues to be the number 1 app in selling music, but I can say that the Cloud continues to be the number 1 technology that makes it possible to sell it. Many websites sell mp3 and mp4 music from the respective countries, but there are also many prestigious websites that sell international music and the most famous artists in the world. This is a trend that continues to change.

What does not change is the concept of online item marketing. In this case, music is no exception. Thanks Steve, Thanks Cloud.

Cloud for operators

Finally salvation came. Those older than 30 years old I believe remember the previous cameras used by operators or even their parents if they had one.
Large and with cassette tapes which could film around 70-90 minutes of visual material. The latter were then passed through a recording process and from the small cassette a large cassette called VHS was thrown. This format could then be seen on videotapes. Devices that were connected to the TV.

Years later a DVD came out and when the memory cards for the cameras were invented it became possible for the recorded materials to be viewed on a computer as well. Eh nostalgia …

Shortly before the 10s of the current century more or less 2007-2008 when the first smartphones were invented many things changed.
The latter replaced calculators, telephones, cameras, mp3, mp4, radios, etc.
However, work is still an irreplaceable profession and there is still a need to use cameras. So as you understand it is about operators. The latter are in a profession that has undergone so many changes that no other profession has ever encountered before.
If an operator today is 50-60 years old, he initially worked with cassette cameras and the device was very large.

In the 90s the cameras started to change shrinking somewhat. Also the batteries became a little stronger and more resistant.

In the 2000s cameras became more digital you could not use only that part of the camera you put your eye to record, but outside it had a small screen which showed in real time the recorded image. Thankfully it was achieved that if he made a mistake he could correct the filming without making any cuts of the material or throwing away the tape to erase it all from scratch.

The 10 ‘years very big things happen. Years in which almost none of the common people would spend more money to buy cameras or cameras. The world is doing a lot digital.
Anyone filming or photographing with that of a smartphone with a very high quality.

The 20s, we are in their beginning, the qualities and qualities of photos and videos are incomparable with previous years. Unimaginable resolution and space occupied by very large materials. In these years flourishes a technology that will change the world, it is called cloud. This technology is as simple as it is useful. Hundreds of aspects of our lives are connected and are being connected day by day with this new form of technology.

Cinematography, television, universities, online schools, websites, markets, and tens of hundreds of other professions use cloud technology.
Digital space has only one cloud solution

Cloud for cars

Hello friends of our website, welcome back.
Today we will talk about an innovation and intertwining in the field of technology. As you know cloud technology just like water and air is penetrating everywhere.
Today is the most typical case we will talk about…

Car and cloud relationship.
Cars from the 2000s on wards have come and gone in terms of technology. First the navigators, then the electronic dashboards, then the sensors, the on board cameras, the parking cameras, the parking sensors and much more.

But all this technological development also brought computers on board. The latter the more time passes the more charged and the more irreplaceable they have become.
Since many drivers like to film themselves or the journey by framing the roads and landscapes around without the way to implement cloud technology.
Cloud puts an end to problems such as information and data content, technological space, etc.

The quality of 4k videos and photos is increasing the resolutions.
Increasing the resolution results in faster hard disk loading. So everyone is forced to use the cloud to save money, but also to store more data.
Traveling in your car, filming for minutes or even hours when using cloud technology is not a problem.

If you want to keep your memories as fresh as possible and make them tangible at all times, use cloud technology.

Cloud for students II

In connection with the previous article we would like to forward more data that we find interesting. Cloud technology and cloud provider companies or host providers before may have thought that this type of technology could have great use, but not so extraordinary.

Public Cloud is easily solving many difficulties in the field of virtual communication between Professors and students.
Once again, the website that is expected to be built in 2021 and on wards for the benefit of young people is thought to have very good results.
All the experts have come together to try to build bridges between knowledge and information absorption and youth.

Students are at a delicate age which has many risks. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are dangers for every generation. Age 17-21 is not easy at all. Many young people at this age lose the compass and many others suffer from addiction to these bad phenomena.

Comparing what we said above with the dependence on smartphones, of course everyone prefers the latter.
It seems that the interaction and cooperation between students and professors is closer. Another fact that stood out on the confusing platform was:

“If we want to bring students closer to their studies and professors, does not it seem a bit the opposite, as we are suggesting that students use the phones and see less with their teachers ?!
And the answer was:
Since their phones and numbers or Whats app accounts, Telegram, Messenger, etc. are very personal, the connection between professors and students becomes closer. Because both parties can communicate much more easily and simply with each other without the presence of others. This fact shows that the pedagogue-student relationship becomes stronger.