Finally salvation came. Those older than 30 years old I believe remember the previous cameras used by operators or even their parents if they had one.
Large and with cassette tapes which could film around 70-90 minutes of visual material. The latter were then passed through a recording process and from the small cassette a large cassette called VHS was thrown. This format could then be seen on videotapes. Devices that were connected to the TV.

Years later a DVD came out and when the memory cards for the cameras were invented it became possible for the recorded materials to be viewed on a computer as well. Eh nostalgia …

Shortly before the 10s of the current century more or less 2007-2008 when the first smartphones were invented many things changed.
The latter replaced calculators, telephones, cameras, mp3, mp4, radios, etc.
However, work is still an irreplaceable profession and there is still a need to use cameras. So as you understand it is about operators. The latter are in a profession that has undergone so many changes that no other profession has ever encountered before.
If an operator today is 50-60 years old, he initially worked with cassette cameras and the device was very large.

In the 90s the cameras started to change shrinking somewhat. Also the batteries became a little stronger and more resistant.

In the 2000s cameras became more digital you could not use only that part of the camera you put your eye to record, but outside it had a small screen which showed in real time the recorded image. Thankfully it was achieved that if he made a mistake he could correct the filming without making any cuts of the material or throwing away the tape to erase it all from scratch.

The 10 ‘years very big things happen. Years in which almost none of the common people would spend more money to buy cameras or cameras. The world is doing a lot digital.
Anyone filming or photographing with that of a smartphone with a very high quality.

The 20s, we are in their beginning, the qualities and qualities of photos and videos are incomparable with previous years. Unimaginable resolution and space occupied by very large materials. In these years flourishes a technology that will change the world, it is called cloud. This technology is as simple as it is useful. Hundreds of aspects of our lives are connected and are being connected day by day with this new form of technology.

Cinematography, television, universities, online schools, websites, markets, and tens of hundreds of other professions use cloud technology.
Digital space has only one cloud solution

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