We humans are used to the fact that everything always goes well. And we take health for granted. In fact, without care and without thinking much about tomorrow, we can fall victim to ourselves.

These are the words of one of the most prominent doctors of Albania, Pellumb Pipero.
He is a very well known and very good infectious disease specialist.
Not only that, but he is also an innovator and passionate about medicine and technology.

Pipero has given dozens of examples that medicine should be connected as much as possible with technology.
He proposed to the Albanian health management group to use cloud technology for the benefit of the development and modernization of Albanian medicine.
Live from a much-watched show across Eastern Europe, Pipero called on the health management board to invest in technology and train young people.

Young Albanian and Balkan doctors should be adopted and taught technology. The time has come for a young Albanian doctor to share his professional experiences with a doctor from Scotland or France. Seek live advice on surgery from specialists from other parts of the world *

Well using the cloud for health should be a common thing. Technology should not be overlooked in any aspect of our lives. We must use it for the good of society.
Clouds enables us to improve and enables us to transfer knowledge from one individual to another in a very fast time.

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