Clouds for healthcare

We humans are used to the fact that everything always goes well. And we take health for granted. In fact, without care and without thinking much about tomorrow, we can fall victim to ourselves.

These are the words of one of the most prominent doctors of Albania, Pellumb Pipero.
He is a very well known and very good infectious disease specialist.
Not only that, but he is also an innovator and passionate about medicine and technology.

Pipero has given dozens of examples that medicine should be connected as much as possible with technology.
He proposed to the Albanian health management group to use cloud technology for the benefit of the development and modernization of Albanian medicine.
Live from a much-watched show across Eastern Europe, Pipero called on the health management board to invest in technology and train young people.

Young Albanian and Balkan doctors should be adopted and taught technology. The time has come for a young Albanian doctor to share his professional experiences with a doctor from Scotland or France. Seek live advice on surgery from specialists from other parts of the world *

Well using the cloud for health should be a common thing. Technology should not be overlooked in any aspect of our lives. We must use it for the good of society.
Clouds enables us to improve and enables us to transfer knowledge from one individual to another in a very fast time.

Clouds for schools

People around the world did not enjoy last year at all. The year 2020 was difficult for all of us. But as we have said other times, despite the difficulties for some years 2020 was an inspiring and extremely fruitful year.
Many programmers have reported great successes in ideas, which have since been put into practice.

The transition to the online education system has led many programmers to build a variety of applications. Everything related to the online school system.
Hosting these applications on different servers also brought new innovations in applications. Some of them allowed live video conferencing with a very high quality.

Coping with high resolution video and sound was a huge achievement. Many pupils and students were very satisfied with the quality of the applications. Some of them felt the presence of their teachers as if they were in a common environment, as for example at school.

Online studies make the cloud the key to education worldwide.
School databases and lectures, video conferencing and other online data were made available only thanks to the clouds.
Starting from the personal data of college students such as phone numbers, ID cards, transcripts, grades, absences etc. were kept online and stored and used separately thanks to the cloud.

On the other hand, the same was true for their teachers in schools who, thanks to technology, explained their lessons from home and started assignments and messages for their students online.

The past year is thought to lead human society to a new path, that of online learning, not only in pandemics, but also in times of peace and well-being.
Cloud and online learning are very much related to each other, but that things across schools will change and that cloud technology will help education advance this is not even discussed.

Clouds for small businesses in Europe

Businesses in Europe are becoming completely electronic. All fiscal devices are now being converted online. Price scanners are also connected to computers that calculate daily, weekly and monthly turnovers.
Cloud technology is also advancing in state fiscal systems.

Data updates are loaded with various folders, but for the cloud this is not a problem.
So since it is very practical to use a perfect technology, now in small businesses are doing the hybridization of private cloud with public or open (online) with closed (offline).

Hosts containing small business data are so advanced that they can handle the files of an entire country.
Memory is no longer a problem.
According to Eurostat data, more than 85% of small businesses use cloud technology.

Recently, one of the countries that is a candidate for accession to the European Union, Albania has proclaimed that as of March 2021, all fiscal systems for all small businesses registered in Albania will be returned online.
Thus, even one of the countries with the weakest economy in Europe will embrace the most advanced cloud technology.

After that there is a simple logic, cost reduction for both business and government.
In small businesses in Albania, cloud systems hold fiscal data, of employees as well as of the items they trade.

What are the general Cloud Computing Features

Cloud Computing services are being a very new way to use information technology in businesses. Every company wants to make their business online cause it reaches the huge public through the internet and they do it through cloud storage and computation. Cloud computing services including cloud storage with good computing power. Even there are many types of cloud computing services they have common features and goals.

Features of cloud computing and it’s benefits

You may have listen about cloud computing services, but What does cloud computing mean? The definition of cloud computing may vary from company to company because they consider including their features to impress the readers. Basically, the definition of cloud computing can be defined as the collection of effective tools and resources that need a business to be online over the internet. It includes databases, hosting, servers, data storage, networking, software, security, marketing, etc. 

The general features of cloud computing are described

1. Your Business Needs to be Hosted.

Hosting is a service which allows individuals and organization to make their business accessible over www (World Wide Web). An individual and a company can host their app and web by using hosting services. Hosting providing companies provide hosting by taking charges on the basis of monthly or yearly subscriptions. They provide a space for our business in their data center or also called a server. The cloud hosting provider purchases hosts and maintains all essential physical and logical services like hardware, software, and marketing. 

2. Self maintainable

A good cloud computing should provide his clients with some controls over their business in server. It is very time consumable if any need to contact to provider every time when they face any problems in their business. Every cloud computing provides little or more authority to control their online business. 

3. Must have different categories of services

 You may confuse with this point but don’t be confused because we want to specify the pay of use service. As cloud computing services is a very advanced form of service but every business does not need that all advanced facilities. They can use the different package to take only the services that they need or use for their business. Now users only pay for the services that they really use. It decreases the overall cost of cloud computing also.

4. Near-limitless Scalability of services

Any business in starting never reaches a huge audience but after branding and marketing, it starts to gain huge traffic over the server. The cloud storage providers must provide a maximum limit of resources uses by the business. Some of the cloud computing companies don’t provide the maximum use of resources and lose their clients because clients want to use the resources up to the maximum limit.