Businesses in Europe are becoming completely electronic. All fiscal devices are now being converted online. Price scanners are also connected to computers that calculate daily, weekly and monthly turnovers.
Cloud technology is also advancing in state fiscal systems.

Data updates are loaded with various folders, but for the cloud this is not a problem.
So since it is very practical to use a perfect technology, now in small businesses are doing the hybridization of private cloud with public or open (online) with closed (offline).

Hosts containing small business data are so advanced that they can handle the files of an entire country.
Memory is no longer a problem.
According to Eurostat data, more than 85% of small businesses use cloud technology.

Recently, one of the countries that is a candidate for accession to the European Union, Albania has proclaimed that as of March 2021, all fiscal systems for all small businesses registered in Albania will be returned online.
Thus, even one of the countries with the weakest economy in Europe will embrace the most advanced cloud technology.

After that there is a simple logic, cost reduction for both business and government.
In small businesses in Albania, cloud systems hold fiscal data, of employees as well as of the items they trade.

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