Here we go again.
We will see together how the connection between cloud technology and different websites or applications works.

At the beginning let us all be clear that applications in a way are websites built to be used mainly in devices like smartphones.
Those that at the time of construction are adapted to be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux systems in terms of laptops and desktops or App store and Google Play in terms of smartphones.

Websites are mostly used to transmit and post news and various articles of all categories. While applications are used more widely. The app can be a news app, it can be a game, it can be social media or whatever.

What the web has in common with applications (this is because we mentioned the changes above):

Both applications and websites are built in such a way that they require a host and a domain, but let’s stay with the host.

To understand what a host is we must keep in mind that all the information contained in the applications and the website is stored on the host. Categories, pages and all other options are formed there.
The host contains scripts, music, photos, data, databases, etc.

Connection to hosts, websites and applications.

Since all of the above is understandable to you now, you need to understand another fact.
Not all hosts finish 100% of their work when it comes to storing cyber materials. For example photos & videos take up a lot of memory and sometimes it is difficult to manage them all from the website or app host.
To be more practical the cloud was invented. This technology is pushing forward the development of websites and applications as the cloud offers dizzying data deposits. By purchasing and creating a cloud account you can store or save millions of songs, photos or videos in one place. You can then use them or as desired. Monthly payments for the cloud are very convenient. So with less money you can maintain your website, your applications perfectly.

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