What is Premium In Insurance?

What Is an Insurance Premium?

An insurance premium is the sum of money an individual or business pays for an insurance policy which will be provided by the insurance company. Insurance premiums are paid for policies that will cover healthcare, auto, home, and life insurance. This is can be understood as some % of the total compensation that will the insurance company pay if any accident happens. 

It is a very little amount of money that an individual or business needs to pay on regular basis. Once cleared, the premium is profits for the insurance company. It becomes a liability for the insurer, as the insurer must provide coverage for claims being made against the policy. If any individual and organization fail to pay its premium then may result in the cancellation of the policy.

Understand Insurance Premiums more deeply

When you and your company sign up for an insurance policy then your insurer will charge you a premium according to the policy. This is the amount you pay for the policy which will care for your unwanted damages. Policyholders may prefer numerous options for compensating their insurance premiums. Some insurers allow the policyholder to pay the insurance premium in installments—monthly or semi-annually which makes your job easier.  Many insurance companies require an upfront payment in full before any coverage begins.

All Benefits Of Insurance

You cannot say that insurance is not important by buying only cheap things like furniture and grocery items. It will necessary for you when you buy something with your lifetime earnings. You will need some guarantee to secure your income. When you buy insurance then you get a promise. It’s a promise that if something disastrous happens to your business, your insurance will help you to make your business whole again. Let’s talk about the benefits of Insurance. 

Major Benefits of Insurance

1. It Provides Security:

We are always afraid of sudden loss. It may natural disasters of artificial like, fire in the factory, a storm in the sea, or loss of life. In all these cases it becomes problematic to accept the loss. Insurance offers a cover against any unexpected loss. If any circumstance arises like marine and fire insurance, the loss experienced by the insured is fully compensated and he is reestablished to his initial position. It may be a loss of human life like, a member of the family dies prematurely, the family is offered money to continue with its living. This shows that insurance gives security to both normal men and businessmen. 

2. It works by Spreading Risk

The major principle of insurance is to spread risk among a huge number of people. A massive number of individuals get insurance policies and pay a premium to the insurer. Whenever a loss occurs, it is remunerated out of the funds of the insurer. This loss is covered by the premium of a large number of people. The insurance always covers the loss of an individual but the social loss cannot be eradicated. If the property of a person is lost by fire, or any other accident then the loss will be compensated by the insurance company. But the compensation cannot fulfill the social loss due to the accident.

3. Insurance is a source for Collecting Funds

Insurance companies are successful to cover risks because they collect a large fund through premium. A large fund doesn’t mean form a single individual but it is a collective fund by overall payers. The premium is received recurrently in installments. Large funds are placid by way of premium. These funds can be profitably invested in the industrial development of a country. Life insurance policies are acquired by persons from all walks of life. It benefits in collecting funds from a large number of persons.

4. It Encourages Savings:

The main motto of insurance is promoting saving habits. If an individual pays premium regularly then it can be seen like he is saving money for any unwanted loss. Insurance does not only guard risks but it provides an investing system too. Do you know life insurance provides a mode of investment? The insurance develops a habit of saving money by giving a premium. 

5. It promotes international Trade:

International trade is full of risks and difficulties. Long-distance trade must have insurance because anything can happen while transportation. If the trade is using waterway then it can be lost by accidents in the water. Similarly, airways and roadways are also full of risks of accidents. International trade involves many risks in transporting exports from one country to another. In the lack of insurance, the traders will always be anxious about the safe arrival of freights. Insurance guards beside all types of sea-risks. It has helped the expansion of global trade on a huge amount.

Types of cloud storage

If you are familiar with web technology then sure you know about cloud computing, but the service sometimes creates misunderstanding. With all the new cloud options and the phrase “as a service” seemingly attached to everything possible. This article will make you clear and confident about the types of cloud computing on the basis of implementation. Don’t be confused with cloud computing services because these two terms are completely different. Cloud deployment refers to the way of cloud platform differs from how it is hosted and how can be accessed.

Basic Types of Cloud Deployment

Public Cloud or General Cloud

This type of cloud computing done for general purposes. These companies provide both services and infrastructure, which are shared by all customers. This type of hosting is also known as shared hosting. Public clouds typically have massive amounts of accessible space, which interprets into easy scalability. A public cloud is sometimes optional for software development and collaborative projects. Companies can design their applications to be transferrable, then a project that’s tested in the public cloud can be moved to the private cloud for production. Most cloud providers package their computing stores as part of a service. The only advantage of a public cloud is its versatility and “pay as you go” erection that allows customers to provide more volume on demand. 

Private Cloud

Private clouds usually exist behind a firewall and are used by a single organization. If you are managing a single site on a single individual server then it is also called your private cloud. It is very secure and can give maximum effort to the public cloud. A fully on-premises cloud may be the preferred solution for businesses with quite tight regulatory necessities, though private clouds implemented through a colocation supplier are gaining fame. 

Only authorized users can access, utilize, and store data in the private cloud from anywhere. In this cloud complete server can utilize its processing to a single business. In this cloud, no one else can access or exploit those computing resources. Private cloud solutions offer both security and control, but these profits come at a cost. The company that owns the cloud is trustworthy for both software and infrastructure, making this a less efficient model than the public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

As by its name it is the combination of clouds. Hybrid clouds unite public clouds with private clouds to get more efficient output. They are aimed to accept the two platforms to interact flawlessly, with data and applications moving efficiently from one to the other. The main benefit of a hybrid cloud model is its capability to provide the scalable computing power of a public cloud with the security and control of a private cloud. Since it is a combination of public and private cloud it performs almost all security options. Data can be kept safely behind the firewalls and encryption protocols of the private cloud and can be transferred securely into a public cloud environment when needed.

Community Cloud

It cannot be referred to as a joint of all three clouds with some other qualities. Community clouds are a collective, multi-tenant platform used by several distinct administrations to share identical applications. The users are typically operating within the same industry or field and share common interests in terms of security, agreement, and performance. It acts as a private cloud for a large group of organizations having similar goals and capabilities.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing Services

All public cloud computing services are made on similar services that are built depending upon the same conceptual framework. But all are different on the basis of use, services, and cost. This article will explain the types of cloud computing services briefly.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS manages business access to the whole web processes, such as storage space, servers, and connections instead the business required purchasing and managing the internet infrastructure themselves. Because of the economies of scale and specialization involved, this can be changed into profit for both providers and users. It provides a fully virtualized computing infrastructure that is replenished and managed over the internet. An IaaS provider manages the physical aspects of cloud infrastructure. It’s a great option for small businesses and originations that don’t have the capital to obtain the hardware and software needed to create their network within.

Platform as a Service Or PaaS

PaaS is a higher level of cloud computing service than IaaS. Where IaaS brings all the tools available through the cloud and leaves it to clients to build whatsoever suits their needs, PaaS is a bit more particular. 

Somewhat it is pure infrastructure, PaaS offers the framework wanted to build, test, deploy, achieve, and update software products. It utilizes the same basic infrastructure as IaaS, but it has some more features as it includes the operating systems, middleware, development tools, and database management systems needed to create software applications. PaaS is tremendously helpful for any company that develops software and web-based applications or can be said as online software. Many of the equipment required to develop for multiple platforms (computers, mobile devices, browsers, etc) can be quite pricy.

Software as a Service or SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS)It is a very popular type of cloud computing service. It is can be taken as the most important type of service in the cloud. SaaS is a Completely-developed software solution ready to buy and uses over the web on a subscription basis. The SaaS provider achieves the infrastructure, operating systems, middleware, and data essential to deliver the program, ensuring that the software is obtainable whenever and wherever regulars need it. 
Many SaaS applications run nonstop through web browsers, abolishing the need for copies or installations. This helps to remove software management issues for internal IT teams and allows companies to modernize their operations with hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Function-as-a-Service or FaaS

It is also popular with serverless computing, FaaS lets followings execute code responsively without having to deal with processing resources ahead of time. The cloud provider handles the infrastructure, allowing the purchaser to focus strictly on deploying application code mainly. It decides automatically by making them the best fit for dynamic workloads that fluctuate in terms of resource eating.
Customers only fee for the resources they use, so everyone wants to choose to reduce expenses. Almost all programs in this service are simply coded and can be performed very quickly. 

Microsoft Cloud Storage : OneDrive Reviews

Microsoft Cloud Storage OneDirve which previously familiar as SkyDrive is one of the file hosting services and synchronization services operated by Microsoft. OneDrive initially launched in August 2007 and at that time it only allows to store users to store files and personal information like Windows settings or Microsoft locker BitLocker recovery keys in the cloud storage. Users were very excited and using it because of its synchronization through which you can sync files across many platforms Like Android, Windows Phone, and IOS mobile devices, Windows and MAC computers, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Another interesting service that you can directly store your Microsoft office files in OneDrive.

Microsoft is another huge company providing its servies to many platforms, so users just need to deal with OneDrive cloud storage. It is not providing as much free space as google cloud storage but it is offering 5 GB free space per user. For further space, you need to upgrade it to a standalone, personal, family, and organization plan which will provide you 100 GB, 1TB, and 6 TB respectively. It is available with both separately or Office 365 subscriptions.

Services provided by OneDrive

For free versions, it is providing only basic features which are also included in purchased versions. The basic services provided by OneDrive


Microsoft changes its Quota provisions many times, initially, it was providing 7 GB free storage for everyone and for students 3GB more. At that time it is providing a total of 10GB of free storage. After April 22,2012 it was providing a total of 25 GB of free storage but it was for a limited time only. After July 2018 the service offering 5GB of free storage for new users. It has many types of storage quotas depending on its usage. As a standalone package, it is providing 100 GB only. If you need more storage quota then you need to upgrade it to a personal package to get 1TB of storage. It is also providing a family package so that 6 members of the family can use a single could package of 1TB per user and a total of 6TB. For more large organizations only 6 TB is not sufficient so, it is also providing four types of business plans which have different types of services included.


Do you know what does versioning means? It a feature of storage that removes the previous version of the file with the same file with newer updates. Versioning means it will update your files on a regular basis automatically. You don’t need to do it by yourself. It keeps your older versions for only 30 days and after 30 days you cannot access the older version.

Recycle Bin

It is also demanding features of cloud storage which keep all the deleted items from the storage. You may need that deleted item on earlier days so it secured in the recycle bin. But you need to careful because your deleted items will automatically erase from the recycle bin also and you will never access that deleted file.

Downloading ZIP Files

Almost all cloud storage provides these features to make the downloading secure. As you know that Zipped items cannot get viruses further after zipping. It also makes the downloading system easier for all types of users. For a single download, there is a limit of 15 GB.
These are the most useful and general features of OneDrive cloud storage. You can use more features on purchased versions. You can choose the services needed to you and pay only for the item you need. For example, purchase versions have features to access Microsoft Office directly. For educational organizations, you can choose other features also on demand.

Google Cloud Storage | All you need to know

Google Cloud Storage | All you need to know

For anyone who wants to use a reliable and best cloud storage then Google Cloud storage is the best option for you. Everyone needs secure, fast, and high uptime cloud hosting for their business. Google is one of the largest and richest multinational company as you know, so you don’t need to worry about its services. It provides maximum features for your work. Unlimited storage with no minimum object size, worldwide accessibility, and word wide storage locations, Low latency, High durability, and Geo-redundancy of multi-region data storage. These services are one of the excellent cloud storage services. 

What are the extra will we get with google cloud storage.

Integrated repository for analytics and ML

Google Analytics is one of the professional platforms for analytics, core observation, and deep research. It will integrate your cloud to the analytics by itself so you can check your performance and availability within regions. It gives you real-time information without any error. It is ideal for workloads of compute and machine learning also.

Media content computing

You don’t want cloud storage that loads a long time to provide high-quality media content to the users. So, one of the best choices for you is google cloud storage because the geo-redundant storage facility will provide low-latency, high-QPS content across all geographic regions. You can stream high-quality audio, video, and other media presentations without any delay and error.

Backups and Archives

Most of the users search for cloud hosting which provides continuous backups of their business because if their business has to face any damage then they can recover from backups. Almost all cloud storage providers charge high for regular backups but google is reducing the cost of backups and archives while still retaining immediate access. Backup data in Cloud Storage can be used for more than just recovery since all storage classes have microsecond latency and are accessed through a single API.

Security and privacy

Google says that they are successful to keep high-security options to give ultra-secure storage facility to their users. These days everyone wants privacy and security. Very important and private documents and information stored in cloud storage could destroy big companies within seconds if they leaked to the outside world. So, Google says “Take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google uses to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.” to make you more confident towards the security.

Price and Plans

Don’t need to worry google is providing you an opportunity to use their cloud-free for 90 Days, not only this they will credit you $300 to spend and other 20+ free products to use in the cloud.  But after 90 days you will be charged regularly. You may think they will automatically charge from your account but it’s not true. They will ask you to continue google cloud or not. If you like to google cloud then you can pay and use it otherwise you can migrate to other cloud storage. They will make it easier to calculate the price by providing their own calculator to measure the price. It’s not difficult like the Amazon cloud storage (AWS). They are providing individual and organization plans. 

Top 5 free cloud storage

Cloud Storage is a technique of storing data and information online instead of local storage devices. It requires an internet connection to access the data. One can upload all files to the server and can be shared by providing links. Online storage service providers don’t store any information on your local computer. They store all data in online servers through which you can remotely access the data.

We have chosen the top 5 free could storage to help you get free cloud access. These cloud storage are secure and easy to manage also. You will get limited storage for free but if you need more or huge data storage then you need to purchase the upgraded services. This is the list of the top 5 free cloud storage.

1. Ice Drive

Icedrive is an upgraded type of cloud service that provides you to access, manage, and easily update your cloud storage. It provides you an extensive range of cloud storage apps for wide options of the platform. You can use this cloud storage where you need it. It provides you cloud storage solution to support Twofish Encryption. It will allow you to store files up to 10 GB for free to any users, just need to sign up and you will get it. It will provide you an easy and optimized interface to use. It provides links to share with friends and social media.

2. pCloud

pCloud is a secure cloud storage that provides encrypted cloud storage. It is a very popular provider because it provides a very secure way of storing data and information in data centers. It provides you web-app, mobile app, and the desktop app also to access and upload the contents at any time. You can share the content link with your friend and on social media also. It can be used as group work because many users at a time use the storage. Your all friends can use the shareable file at a time. You can also keep your very secret files confidential with the highest level of security encryption with pCloud Crypto. It is useful for both small scale organization or big companies. It will provide you file management, backup, and file versioning these services is very essential for any individual or organization. You can use this secure cloud storage for free but you need to pay for huge storage and special features.


Mega cloud storage is one of the best free cloud storage because it is providing 50 GB of rage at starting. It is very secure cloud storage that provides data encryption also. It will provide you web app, mobile app, and desktop app. It will also provide you a recovery key and Tow Factor Authentication for extra security. You can also use the metadata option which allows you to download all logs and you can also clear your log from this option. Here you can also observe your log-in sessions which show your client’s login data such as IP address, country, and browsers that they used.

 The most interesting thing with this cloud storage is that it is providing a refer and earn option ie. Affiliate Program. You will earn a commission from your referral within 90days of activation. You will get 50 GB of cloud storage for free plus a 30GB storage quota per referral. So I am suggesting this cloud storage is the best for an individual.

4. One Drive

You may know that One Drive is cloud storage from Microsoft company. It is best for business or large population to share single cloud storage. It is providing only 5 GB of free cloud storage for an individual. It will be cheap when you purchase a plan with more person but if you purchase a single individual plan then you will get only 100GB for $1.78 per month. The best option to purchase is the family plan because it is providing 6 TB as 1TB per person with Microsoft other software like OneDrive MicrosoftSkype Office apps included MicrosoftOutlook MicrosoftWord MicrosoftExcel MicrosoftPowerPoint. 

5. Google Drive

It is very general among all because everyone using google products like Gmail, Android, etc and it is already connected to google drive. You will get 15GB for free with every Gmail. It will provide you backup and sync on regular basis in a free plan. You will get a web-app, android app, and desktop app. Easy sharing and collaboration are also available here. You can directly connect all google products to google drive to store your data.

Benefits of cloud storage

In the initial phase of the data storage system, the physical storage system was excellent and sufficient for the people and the organization. When they realize the limitations of physical storage then the need for more upgraded versions of data storage is increased. Cloud storage is a very standard storage facility where data stored in different physical locations called data centers. Nowadays the trending storage used by any company is cloud storage. People are shifting to cloud storage because cloud storage has some benefits that every company wants to utilize fast, reliable, and cost-saving cloud storage.

The main benefits of Cloud Storage are 

Seamless Business Productivity

Work is no longer only limited to the physical location of the office only. Now people have such a device through which they can work remotely. From a small survey, we found that almost 70% of online businesses handled remotely by different individuals. Some businesses need to handled internationally from different workplaces or different places. Cloud storage provides us such a great capability to manage business remotely. An international business needs to better reach the global public and it will require better performance to reach globally. 

By using effective cloud storage implementation, employees are able to sync files and data from wherever they are working. The collaboration will become cheap and easy—once information is stored, we can simply send links to show and share. It provides automation you even don’t need to email every time by yourself some automation computing services send automatically once it controlled.

Easy Backup and Recovery

Cloud storage provides auto backup and auto-sharing option to make business easy. Using the cloud allows our organization to implement best practices when it comes to backups and disaster recovery. The backup system can be scheduled and can be done regularly. It also provides us an option to back up these file in our local system or any other our storage. The right cloud storage solution allows us the flexibility to increase and accommodates our regular backup needs fluidly.

Network Management System

By using the cloud we can manage our online networking from a single point. Popular cloud storage companies provide us an app or web-app to control the network. Simply using a web browser we can take care of our all wireless network, controlling, troubleshooting, monitoring, configuration, and its original software updates and management. It provides you a great way to keep eye on day-to-day activities on your network. 

Automation of Business 

At the initial time, you need to give time to your business to make it automatic because it uses routine tasks to set. After doing all settings for the first time then you don’t need to give much time to make it automatic. One time management and updating the software can make your full system automatic. If your provider hasn’t provided you such a facility then you can also use third-party plugins and software to make it automated. Automatic is important because it simply reduces our effort to repeat the task daily.

Maintains Security

If you are planning to shift your business then you must search for a trusted provider because your are giving all your information and data of your business to providers cloud storage. If you choose popular company then you don’t need to worry because they provide you a storage-as-a-service solution. Large companies purchase their own servers to keep their data to maintain top-level security. The benefit of the cloud storage service is that you can check the security level of the server and you can also purchase some best software to keep more security to data. Spam protection, IP locker, secure CDN management can be used to keep extra security.

These are only some of the basic benefits of cloud storage. Actually, cloud storage has many features, and the benefits increase with the increase in the features provided with storage. The cost also alters when a more secure system implemented in your business.

What are the general Cloud Computing Features

Cloud Computing services are being a very new way to use information technology in businesses. Every company wants to make their business online cause it reaches the huge public through the internet and they do it through cloud storage and computation. Cloud computing services including cloud storage with good computing power. Even there are many types of cloud computing services they have common features and goals.

Features of cloud computing and it’s benefits

You may have listen about cloud computing services, but What does cloud computing mean? The definition of cloud computing may vary from company to company because they consider including their features to impress the readers. Basically, the definition of cloud computing can be defined as the collection of effective tools and resources that need a business to be online over the internet. It includes databases, hosting, servers, data storage, networking, software, security, marketing, etc. 

The general features of cloud computing are described

1. Your Business Needs to be Hosted.

Hosting is a service which allows individuals and organization to make their business accessible over www (World Wide Web). An individual and a company can host their app and web by using hosting services. Hosting providing companies provide hosting by taking charges on the basis of monthly or yearly subscriptions. They provide a space for our business in their data center or also called a server. The cloud hosting provider purchases hosts and maintains all essential physical and logical services like hardware, software, and marketing. 

2. Self maintainable

A good cloud computing should provide his clients with some controls over their business in server. It is very time consumable if any need to contact to provider every time when they face any problems in their business. Every cloud computing provides little or more authority to control their online business. 

3. Must have different categories of services

 You may confuse with this point but don’t be confused because we want to specify the pay of use service. As cloud computing services is a very advanced form of service but every business does not need that all advanced facilities. They can use the different package to take only the services that they need or use for their business. Now users only pay for the services that they really use. It decreases the overall cost of cloud computing also.

4. Near-limitless Scalability of services

Any business in starting never reaches a huge audience but after branding and marketing, it starts to gain huge traffic over the server. The cloud storage providers must provide a maximum limit of resources uses by the business. Some of the cloud computing companies don’t provide the maximum use of resources and lose their clients because clients want to use the resources up to the maximum limit. 

What are the things a hosting company must be careful about?

Users want to host with such a company that provides greater efficiency with easy manipulation to their business. The host can provide an interface or control panel for controlling and managing users’ online business. The server which does not provide greater flexibility to the users cannot lead in their business. For example Google Hosted Sites, Blogger cannot provide C-Panel and does not have such flexibility to users so it is sowing down there days while WordPress which provides high flexibility to users it is in trends these days. Using progress is also easy to use and manipulate. If any user gives some time then they really don’t need any external agents to manage their WordPress. 

The most important things that a hosting company care

Greater Reliability and Uptime

Greater reliability of any server means how it gives service to the clients at the time of problems with their business. Online businesses may get various errors like vulnerability attacks, software malfunctions, spamming, processing power, etc. in such case hosting providers need to deal with their clients to make reliability. Uptime is the measure of the process of a device working without a break in continuity. Uptime can be defined as the measure of the interruption in a hosting system. Basically would be 100% but in real life, it is very difficult to achieve. A hosting service provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) may include a certain amount of scheduled downtime per year to maintain repair and maintenance on the systems. Almost all hosting providers will guarantee at least 99.9% uptime which will allow only 43miutes downtime per month and 8hrs and 45 Minutes of downtime per year.


A hosting provider company has to manage secure data storage and computing service to an individual and organization. Since web hosting services host sites belonging to their clients, online security is an essential concern. There should be a mutual understanding between the site owner and the hosting company to maintain security in the server. A web hosting should a good level of security because of all contents of the company and its customer data present in the hosted files. Servers can be attacked by malicious users in various ways, they can send malware or malicious code onto a hosted website. Stealing credit card numbers, spamming DDOS attacks are some of the other problems that a hosting company be careful.