Does Cattle also need Insurance?

Farming is also a business and it is recommended that every business needs insurance. So, the answer to this question can be given as, yes, Cattle also need insurance. The insurance policy liable for cattle is known as livestock insurance. Initially, livestock insurance is undeveloped in Serbia. Livestock insurance is a part of agricultural insurance. Such insurance is also called non-life insurance. 

Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance is a type of insurance where the hazards are very high or it can be said that it is full of risks. Because of such risks the premium of this insurance is also high. On comparing with other types of insurance this insurance needs greater coverage. Sometimes the premium becomes more expensive than regular income generated.

Livestock insurance premium totals vary on the species and use of animals. This must be assumed in the brain before applying insurance rates. The premium amount will depend on the situations in which the animals are kept, their nutrition, as well as the obtainability and quality of veterinarian care. If all the condition is applied then livestock insurance premiums are planned by applying an agreed percentage to a stated insurance amount. It is therefore vital to point out the generally recognized basic rules of the trade that the livestock insurance amount is based on. The livestock insurance premium is designed in line with the charge of the premium rate which is stated in percentages of the established insurance amount. As livestock insurance is characterized by a reduction and increase of risk throughout the insurance period, a corresponding reduction or rise of the premium is also probable, but always relating only to the lingering part of the insurance period, and it can be originated either by the insured or the insurer.

The livestock insurance rate also includes granting reductions on the premium, if the insured has realized the guessed enormous,  broad-scale insurance,  but only on the condition that the premium is compensated in advance. It may contain certain extras, the most important being a special surcharge for the termination of cover-up period facilities.

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