In most cases we are used to talking about public cloud and online cloud, cloud server or cloud hosting. But today we are in a special example. Although this type of cloud is online it is closed, so you must have permission to use it or have access.
Let’s get into the topic:
We will talk about the connection between designers and private cloud.
More on understanding what private clouds are and how they work.
In Florence, Italy, a group of staff from a private designer company decided to make some changes.
The first changes have to do with the structure of the working group.
Further change, to update the technological skills of designers, this is mandatory.
Adapt hand skills and eye reflexes to those of computer mechanisms or special applications.
To help and train the core team of experts will give young designers access to use a special app to take a course from home and give their opinion in real time.
Everyone is free to ask questions about ambiguities.
So like any other profession or as in schools, the teacher explains through a video while the students, those who have ambiguities ask.
The number of people who will be able to use this application is limited and requires access. This access is granted with special permission. In this case we are dealing with a private cloud.

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