Future cars will use cloud technology

When it comes to cars of the future do not think it is about the next century, the coming decades, no! We are more concrete. In our field we do research for the near future. 1,2 or three years. Maximum 5, but very rare.
One of the biggest changes that is expected to happen in terms of vehicles is the transition from gasoline-burning engines to electric motors.

Recently, the big car brand Mercedes-Benz, has advertised that in 2022 it will launch the Mercedes Benz EQS type. The latter, in addition to being 100% electric motor, will have an even greater innovation. As never before this type of vehicle will create a huge screen. So in the dashboard of the car there will be a screen for the driver screen in the middle of the front of the vehicle, and a screen on the left from the passenger arm. It does not end there.
This vehicle optionally offers 2 additional screens for passengers in the rear seats.
This was just the entrance …

In addition to the car being electric it is also expected to be very electronic. Each screen is understood to have different uses and benefits. Mercedes will also be equipped with 360 ° cameras. Parking sensor parking camera hologram screen on the windshield for the driver when traveling at night, etc. With the help of cloud technology, Mercedes will bring an achievement that has never been seen before.

There will be a closed cloud, but of course with the desire of customers can be created accounts for online cloud so that in case of tourist trips users can automatically save their videos.
Many commands in this car will be given with voice audio.
The first prototypes have done and are doing testing.
You can find them on Youtube.
What I wanted to say and suggest is that: technology in general but also cloud technology (private and online) are helping human life and are making it more and more comfortable.

Understanding private cloud

In most cases we are used to talking about public cloud and online cloud, cloud server or cloud hosting. But today we are in a special example. Although this type of cloud is online it is closed, so you must have permission to use it or have access.
Let’s get into the topic:
We will talk about the connection between designers and private cloud.
More on understanding what private clouds are and how they work.
In Florence, Italy, a group of staff from a private designer company decided to make some changes.
The first changes have to do with the structure of the working group.
Further change, to update the technological skills of designers, this is mandatory.
Adapt hand skills and eye reflexes to those of computer mechanisms or special applications.
To help and train the core team of experts will give young designers access to use a special app to take a course from home and give their opinion in real time.
Everyone is free to ask questions about ambiguities.
So like any other profession or as in schools, the teacher explains through a video while the students, those who have ambiguities ask.
The number of people who will be able to use this application is limited and requires access. This access is granted with special permission. In this case we are dealing with a private cloud.