This is the beginning of 2021 and since 2000 many young people have fantasized about doing online.
The beginning of the 2000s as the beginning of a new century and even more so in a new millennium have been the impetus for an unbridled fantasy for all the young people of those years.

Those were the first years when cell phones were spreading around the world and the internet with computers was being distributed house to house at an unimaginable speed. A few years ago in the 2000s no one thought the world would get much smaller and that it would traverse faster than opening and closing its eyes. An alo or e-mail went from New York to Tokyo in less than a second.
Maybe today they look good, but then it was just the beginning and people were very impressed.

But over the years the young boys of those years grew up and from boys became men and from students became professors. Many of them did not stop dreaming and more work and investment turned the dream into reality.
They opened the first online colleges and universities.
Thanks to them the world trend and the mentality for online studies is changing. The desires and aspirations of young people today are more achievable than ever.

Today a girl from Tirana can study online at the University of Northern Ireland. At the same time a boy from Mumbai can study at the Online Universities of Hong Kong.

English language is becoming more and more universal, more used and more absorbed by young people around the world. It is making it possible for young people from all over the world to study at the universities that are best and most suitable for them.

Technology is making all these changes possible
The technological boom and day-to-day improvement is offering optimal conditions for online studies

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