The year we just left behind showed us that we are vulnerable. In front of diseases we are all the same.
Thanks God we live in the 20’s of this 21st century and technology is at the highest point of development.

If previously only a few privileged and well-invested universities or colleges had the convenience to give online lectures and create virtual auditoriums, this phenomenon in 2020 became a world reality.
We are now living in 2021 and as expected online studies will resume bearing fruit.

Thanks to technology, primary school, college and university students will not have to miss school year. Adapting to a new way of studying encountered its difficulties, but in the end everyone managed to adapt.
The global pandemic has forced people of all ages to change their lifestyles.

Virtual classrooms best prevented the virus from spreading among students and teachers or students and educators.
Online study turned out to be a necessity and not only that, but many types of professions decided to relocate their services online.
Doing housework and online studies in 2021 will be a very tangible reality.

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