This question has recently been circulating in the minds of millions of citizens around the world. Is the purpose of bag differentiation social, ecological or economic ?! Is it not political at all ?!
Well let’s say a bit of it all. Let’s take it in turn …

From 2000 onwards there have been very important discussions between organizations and associations around the world. The use of plastic bags for a very long time, has made in some coastal countries to see plastic waste with kilometers long. Much had been said and little had been heard. But when scientists made public the images of plastic debris in the ocean, everyone was shocked.

With a length of 3.5 miles and a width of about 1 mile the debris in the ocean had formed the “plastic island”.
Since 2012 when the images were made public, environmental associations from around the world, intensified their activity exponentially. Now this issue did not belong only to one country or continent, but to the whole world.

The first bags from the social aspect.
We humans born after the 90’s are used to bags. Bags in markets, bags in commercial centers, bags in shops, bags in kiosks, bags in airports, bags in terminals, at train stations, in hotels, in schools … bags everywhere. That being the case for us, it was enough to just use the bags and then throw them in the trash. No one wanted to know about them anymore, or where they ended up or what happened to them. Well, we agree that the bags we throw in the garbage in our neighborhood or in the palace or in our block are recycled and the pollution from their processing is minimal. What about the bags we use when we fly, or when we are on ships or ferries where they end up ?!
We tell you, all in the ocean.

The first bags from the economic point of view.
The wide use of bags and the practicality they offer are amazing. They solve a lot of our work. We can not do without them. Life without them would be difficult. Imagine going to the supermarket and spending $ 200 and then loading your goods into the car. What will you take there with? What about from the car to the house ?!
Well this aspect has been seen and studied by manufacturing firms and wholesalers. This was followed by major changes and rising prices. The use of bags was seen as an opportunity to reap the benefits. And you know that countries have economic growth.

Bags from a political point of view.
As mentioned above, the use of plastic bags became a global problem. All green and environmental associations and organizations rose in mass protests and sensitized the whole world opinion by posing the dangers that could come from plastic waste and specifically from plastic bags.
The numbers in world parliaments for environmentalist parties as well as popular support increased exponentially. The whole world politics scene is now focused on how they too can benefit by adopting the new lifestyle. How to benefit by becoming environmentalists too. Plastic bags worry slowly will come to an end. Paper bags are more environmentally friendly and the world will move towards mass use of paper bags. For some reason, we have also used hybrid bags, is a mixture between plastic and non-plastic elements to give the most ecological results.

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