Why using cloud is so comfortable

If you are doing a business, if you are developing an innovative idea, if you are trying to rework your ideas and vision for a better job then this article is for you.
As if by magic in recent years the development of cloud technology, cloud provider, cloud server and all the composition of this technology is helping to advance and restructure many businesses. There is no difference between large and small businesses.
As the globalization and spread of the internet around the world is re concepting and reworking markets, we are all trying to adapt.
If you have noticed in the blink of an eye, a stylist who used to have just a small studio in a neighborhood in a very short time becomes a world-famous stylist, this is because things have changed and are no longer as before.
Websites, clouds, social networks are changing our society day by day.
If once the goods went from the manufacturer to the exporter and then to the wholesaler and then still to the markets and shopping centers, today the goods go directly from the manufacturer to the buyer.
This has made even the major manufacturers adapt by expanding the range of models of items they offer.
So we illustrated an example from the clothing industry. Once again another industry that if mixed with the technology of the time and especially cloud plus social networks, can do wonders.
We constantly emphasize that the best use of technology is always in favor of both parties, both manufacturers and buyers.

Connection between cloud and music

When the iTunes platform came out by Steve Jobs, many people were skeptical. Even among them were those who were also Steve’s own collaborators and important people from Apple. Knowing how to perceive and imagine is one thing, but imagining what the entire American public will prefer is extraordinary. But so are the extraordinary range of people like Steve Jobs.

If iTunes was the first and most successful app in terms of advertising and selling music, rest assured that this app is not the only one. After Steve’s death, iTunes continued to thrive, but technology did not lag behind. Since the strong entry of Cloud provider companies in the market, buying and selling online is like a piece of cake. There are thousands of world companies that sell music of different genres: Rock, Pop, Dance, House, Hip Hop, R&B, jazz, etc.

I do not know for sure if iTunes continues to be the number 1 app in selling music, but I can say that the Cloud continues to be the number 1 technology that makes it possible to sell it. Many websites sell mp3 and mp4 music from the respective countries, but there are also many prestigious websites that sell international music and the most famous artists in the world. This is a trend that continues to change.

What does not change is the concept of online item marketing. In this case, music is no exception. Thanks Steve, Thanks Cloud.

Cloud for movies

In the film industry it is constantly thought out how to provide income. If in its beginnings cinema was economically fed by tickets, by videocassettes by DVD etc. now times have changed.

With the expansion of the market from national to international and from purely international to global as a result of developments, the demands have been increasing. But how can cinematography make more money? How can spending up to hundreds of millions of dollars on a single movie be recovered and even made a profit? How can a film that is published worldwide be distributed worldwide in a few weeks? It does not take much to understand.

It’s selling the movie online. So dear readers, the cloud and movies have taken on a mutual interaction. A benefit from both parties that is of great interest. On one side are the film industry companies and on the other the cloud technology industry companies. Also called cloud providers, these companies are quite successful for a single fact, because they are useful.

Although it may seem a bit surprising, without the help of cloud technology we would probably be watching cassette movies even today. We are not saying that technology would not have advanced, but that this kind of technology itself has made a radical change in many areas of our lives. One of the areas that has changed is cinematography and film itself.

Cloud for cars

Hello friends of our website, welcome back.
Today we will talk about an innovation and intertwining in the field of technology. As you know cloud technology just like water and air is penetrating everywhere.
Today is the most typical case we will talk about…

Car and cloud relationship.
Cars from the 2000s on wards have come and gone in terms of technology. First the navigators, then the electronic dashboards, then the sensors, the on board cameras, the parking cameras, the parking sensors and much more.

But all this technological development also brought computers on board. The latter the more time passes the more charged and the more irreplaceable they have become.
Since many drivers like to film themselves or the journey by framing the roads and landscapes around without the way to implement cloud technology.
Cloud puts an end to problems such as information and data content, technological space, etc.

The quality of 4k videos and photos is increasing the resolutions.
Increasing the resolution results in faster hard disk loading. So everyone is forced to use the cloud to save money, but also to store more data.
Traveling in your car, filming for minutes or even hours when using cloud technology is not a problem.

If you want to keep your memories as fresh as possible and make them tangible at all times, use cloud technology.

Cloud for students II

In connection with the previous article we would like to forward more data that we find interesting. Cloud technology and cloud provider companies or host providers before may have thought that this type of technology could have great use, but not so extraordinary.

Public Cloud is easily solving many difficulties in the field of virtual communication between Professors and students.
Once again, the website that is expected to be built in 2021 and on wards for the benefit of young people is thought to have very good results.
All the experts have come together to try to build bridges between knowledge and information absorption and youth.

Students are at a delicate age which has many risks. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are dangers for every generation. Age 17-21 is not easy at all. Many young people at this age lose the compass and many others suffer from addiction to these bad phenomena.

Comparing what we said above with the dependence on smartphones, of course everyone prefers the latter.
It seems that the interaction and cooperation between students and professors is closer. Another fact that stood out on the confusing platform was:

“If we want to bring students closer to their studies and professors, does not it seem a bit the opposite, as we are suggesting that students use the phones and see less with their teachers ?!
And the answer was:
Since their phones and numbers or Whats app accounts, Telegram, Messenger, etc. are very personal, the connection between professors and students becomes closer. Because both parties can communicate much more easily and simply with each other without the presence of others. This fact shows that the pedagogue-student relationship becomes stronger.

Cloud for students

In January 2021 in France and Italy some technological changes were made which take into account the storage and distribution of data for students. Various universities and colleges are trying to bring young people closer to knowledge. Cloud as a technology, now and everywhere, helps to realize the wishes and demands of professors and educators in the education of states.
Italian and French associations and organizations have given their ideas on how to make an approach between students and knowledge.

They in some studies have noticed that, the number of young people who read different information more than 2 hours a day with that of the smart phone has increased by 6% only in the last year.
This figure is very significant and they have suggested that many universities publish their curricula or at least a part of them online on the relevant or special website.
Not only that, but the construction of educational websites aimed at informing and intellectual formation of young people has been requested.

Another idea is to build several websites instead of a single website. The goal is for them to have different content and different interfaces. This is to avoid the fatigue or boredom of young people with a single website.
It is known that the division into several categories is simple and that can affect somehow, but still most people think that different websites with different colors and content look more fun.

If the figure of 6% of young people reading information via smartphone seems high, what would you think if we tell you that the number of adults has increased by 8%.
It seems that after many criticisms that technology has its dark sides in early 2021 comes the good news. So not only young people but also men and women read more.
If once they only read the newspaper or watched TV, today individuals over 50 read more different information.

Top 10 WordPress Hosting Sites

Choosing the right decision among the various wrong decision is easy however selecting the best decision among various decisions is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire world .similarly, to choose the best hosting for your WordPress website is most precious. in a simple term, we can say the WordPress site’s health will totally depend on Your hosting provider. It might be difficult for you to identify which hosting provider will be best for you! 

Here are a couple of sites you may visit as your service provider from Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator… etc. 

It does not matter which hosting provider is beneficial for you but the point is that you must have to aware of the 3 most important factor of WordPress hosting:

Speed – load time of your site is directly related to hosting provider speed.

Uptime – the uptime of your hosting provider must be not less than 99.94%.

Customer Support –  they most help you to solve WordPress related should problems.

Noone can’t guarantee your site will have got similar uptime and speed results to your website as this differ in several different cases, namely your site chosen hosting plan, your site website size, and the number of engagements on your site.

10 Best WordPress Hosting Services

1. iPage (www.iPage.com)

iPage proffers portioned web hosting packages containing but not controlled to a drag-and-drop-based website builder – that allows users to create an internet site without any encrypting learning to create a website – and scripts installer tool to install well-known scripts such as WordPress and Joomla in one click in your web hosting account.

Uptime: 99.78%

Load time: 858 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, phone, knowledge base


1.Free domain

2.unlimited storage & bandwidth

3.free SSL

Website: www.iPage.com

2. DreamHost (www.DreamHost.com)

DreamHost is a shared VPS and extraordinarily dedicated hosting company. It has Apache, Nginx, and Lighttpd web servers operated by the Ubuntu operating system.

Uptime: 99.62%

Load time: 1002 ms

Support: knowledge base, limited live chat


1.WordPress is pre-installed

2. Drag and drop builder

3.Unlimited bandwidth/storage

Website: www.DreamHost.com

3. SiteGround (www.SiteGround.com)

SiteGround is also a popular domain name provider and hosting provider. It affords shared hosting, cloud hosting, and enterprise solutions with email hosting and domain registration.

Uptime: 99.99%

Load time: 678 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat


1.Google cloud servers

2. Free HTTPS (SSL)

3. Free email

4. Free site migration

Website: www.SiteGround.com

4. A2 Hosting (www.A2Hosting.com)

It is a very fast and optimized web service provider. It provides reliable and fast web hosting. 

Uptime: 99.98%

Load time: 299 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, phone, knowledge base, phone


1. Fast servers

2. Free SSL

3. Free CDN

4. Unlimited Bandwidth

Website: www.A2Hosting.com

5. Site5 (www.Site5.com)

It is another popular web hosting provider that provides managed hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting at a cheap price.

Uptime: 99.99%

Load time: 550 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base


1. Free site transfer

2. One-click install for WordPress

3. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Website: www.Site5.com

6. GreenGeeks (www.GreenGeeks.com)

GreenGreeks is another mostly used hosting website that provides leading eco-friendly web hosting provider. It says that it will provide you unpolluted internet. 


Load time: 438 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, phone, knowledge base


1.Unlimited storage & bandwidth

2. Automatic updates

3. Free SSL

Website: www.GreenGeeks.com

7. Hostinger (www.Hostinger.com)Uptime: 99.95%

Hosting is now on trend because of its advertisement and offers. It usually provides offers and discounts on different web hosting so, it is becoming very popular now. It is providing a good host as well. 

Load time: 321 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, knowledge base


1. Free email account

2. Unlimited bandwidth

3. Free SSL

Website: www.Hostinger.com

8. BlueHost

Bluehost is a popular and most used web hosting company. It is owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, together with hosting well over 2 million domains

Load time: 584 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, knowledge base, phone


1. One-click install for WordPress 

2. Free SSL

3. Free domain for 1 year

Website: www.Bluehost.com

9. InMotion (www.InMotionHosting.com)

This web hosting service boasts several practically priced shared, dedicated, reseller, virtual private server (VPS), and WordPress plans, as well as frequent, free e-commerce devices.

Uptime: 99.96%

Load time: 542 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, phone, knowledge base


1.WordPress is pre-installed

2. Unlimited bandwidth

3. Unlimited email accounts

Website: www.InMotionHosting.com

10. HostGator Managed WordPress (www.HostGator.com)

A managed WordPress site is one that’s generated on managed WordPress hosting. Principally, you’ll be subcontracting the hosting of your site to a team of WordPress experts.

Uptime: 99.97%

Load time: 273 ms

Support: 24/7 live chat, phone, knowledge base


1Backup for free site transfer

2.Wordpress  optimized servers

3.Unlimited bandwidth

Website: www.HostGator.com

Types of Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing Services

All public cloud computing services are made on similar services that are built depending upon the same conceptual framework. But all are different on the basis of use, services, and cost. This article will explain the types of cloud computing services briefly.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS manages business access to the whole web processes, such as storage space, servers, and connections instead the business required purchasing and managing the internet infrastructure themselves. Because of the economies of scale and specialization involved, this can be changed into profit for both providers and users. It provides a fully virtualized computing infrastructure that is replenished and managed over the internet. An IaaS provider manages the physical aspects of cloud infrastructure. It’s a great option for small businesses and originations that don’t have the capital to obtain the hardware and software needed to create their network within.

Platform as a Service Or PaaS

PaaS is a higher level of cloud computing service than IaaS. Where IaaS brings all the tools available through the cloud and leaves it to clients to build whatsoever suits their needs, PaaS is a bit more particular. 

Somewhat it is pure infrastructure, PaaS offers the framework wanted to build, test, deploy, achieve, and update software products. It utilizes the same basic infrastructure as IaaS, but it has some more features as it includes the operating systems, middleware, development tools, and database management systems needed to create software applications. PaaS is tremendously helpful for any company that develops software and web-based applications or can be said as online software. Many of the equipment required to develop for multiple platforms (computers, mobile devices, browsers, etc) can be quite pricy.

Software as a Service or SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS)It is a very popular type of cloud computing service. It is can be taken as the most important type of service in the cloud. SaaS is a Completely-developed software solution ready to buy and uses over the web on a subscription basis. The SaaS provider achieves the infrastructure, operating systems, middleware, and data essential to deliver the program, ensuring that the software is obtainable whenever and wherever regulars need it. 
Many SaaS applications run nonstop through web browsers, abolishing the need for copies or installations. This helps to remove software management issues for internal IT teams and allows companies to modernize their operations with hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Function-as-a-Service or FaaS

It is also popular with serverless computing, FaaS lets followings execute code responsively without having to deal with processing resources ahead of time. The cloud provider handles the infrastructure, allowing the purchaser to focus strictly on deploying application code mainly. It decides automatically by making them the best fit for dynamic workloads that fluctuate in terms of resource eating.
Customers only fee for the resources they use, so everyone wants to choose to reduce expenses. Almost all programs in this service are simply coded and can be performed very quickly.