What are the general Cloud Computing Features

Cloud Computing services are being a very new way to use information technology in businesses. Every company wants to make their business online cause it reaches the huge public through the internet and they do it through cloud storage and computation. Cloud computing services including cloud storage with good computing power. Even there are many types of cloud computing services they have common features and goals.

Features of cloud computing and it’s benefits

You may have listen about cloud computing services, but What does cloud computing mean? The definition of cloud computing may vary from company to company because they consider including their features to impress the readers. Basically, the definition of cloud computing can be defined as the collection of effective tools and resources that need a business to be online over the internet. It includes databases, hosting, servers, data storage, networking, software, security, marketing, etc. 

The general features of cloud computing are described

1. Your Business Needs to be Hosted.

Hosting is a service which allows individuals and organization to make their business accessible over www (World Wide Web). An individual and a company can host their app and web by using hosting services. Hosting providing companies provide hosting by taking charges on the basis of monthly or yearly subscriptions. They provide a space for our business in their data center or also called a server. The cloud hosting provider purchases hosts and maintains all essential physical and logical services like hardware, software, and marketing. 

2. Self maintainable

A good cloud computing should provide his clients with some controls over their business in server. It is very time consumable if any need to contact to provider every time when they face any problems in their business. Every cloud computing provides little or more authority to control their online business. 

3. Must have different categories of services

 You may confuse with this point but don’t be confused because we want to specify the pay of use service. As cloud computing services is a very advanced form of service but every business does not need that all advanced facilities. They can use the different package to take only the services that they need or use for their business. Now users only pay for the services that they really use. It decreases the overall cost of cloud computing also.

4. Near-limitless Scalability of services

Any business in starting never reaches a huge audience but after branding and marketing, it starts to gain huge traffic over the server. The cloud storage providers must provide a maximum limit of resources uses by the business. Some of the cloud computing companies don’t provide the maximum use of resources and lose their clients because clients want to use the resources up to the maximum limit. 

What are the things a hosting company must be careful about?

Users want to host with such a company that provides greater efficiency with easy manipulation to their business. The host can provide an interface or control panel for controlling and managing users’ online business. The server which does not provide greater flexibility to the users cannot lead in their business. For example Google Hosted Sites, Blogger cannot provide C-Panel and does not have such flexibility to users so it is sowing down there days while WordPress which provides high flexibility to users it is in trends these days. Using progress is also easy to use and manipulate. If any user gives some time then they really don’t need any external agents to manage their WordPress. 

The most important things that a hosting company care

Greater Reliability and Uptime

Greater reliability of any server means how it gives service to the clients at the time of problems with their business. Online businesses may get various errors like vulnerability attacks, software malfunctions, spamming, processing power, etc. in such case hosting providers need to deal with their clients to make reliability. Uptime is the measure of the process of a device working without a break in continuity. Uptime can be defined as the measure of the interruption in a hosting system. Basically would be 100% but in real life, it is very difficult to achieve. A hosting service provider’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) may include a certain amount of scheduled downtime per year to maintain repair and maintenance on the systems. Almost all hosting providers will guarantee at least 99.9% uptime which will allow only 43miutes downtime per month and 8hrs and 45 Minutes of downtime per year.


A hosting provider company has to manage secure data storage and computing service to an individual and organization. Since web hosting services host sites belonging to their clients, online security is an essential concern. There should be a mutual understanding between the site owner and the hosting company to maintain security in the server. A web hosting should a good level of security because of all contents of the company and its customer data present in the hosted files. Servers can be attacked by malicious users in various ways, they can send malware or malicious code onto a hosted website. Stealing credit card numbers, spamming DDOS attacks are some of the other problems that a hosting company be careful.